Best Things to do in Australia

There’s nothing  quite like an Australian adventure to add to your own personal travelogue, is there? Someone wise once said that you never run out of things to do in Australia. We agree wholeheartedly. The country is a whirlpool of new experiences, opportunities and unforgettable memories, a fact that greatly adds to the credibility of Australia tourism.

The stunning Great Barrier Reef is a great setting for learning scuba diving and thus exploring underwater wonders. This aquatic sojourn brings you close to a world you did not know existed, with exotic, brighly coloured creatures within touching distance! Short-term courses are easily available under professional guidance. Sailing and surfing are other adventure sports that are highly popular here.

If diving underwater wasn’t enough, here another way to make your Australian holiday exciting – go skydiving! The 22 miles of lush rain forests and unspoiled beaches of the coast of Queensland are a scenic setting for skydiving, with the shores acting as excellent parachute landing spots. The terrain is such that it has some amazing jump spots at great heights, which promise to get your heart rate going and adrenalin rushing!

While in Australia, you surely cannot miss seeing the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge against the picturesque backdrop of the Sydney Opera House. The trip, of course, would be incomplete without climbing the bridge, which is another one of Australian tourism’s attractions.

Think Australia, and kangaroos will be one of the first things that’ll come to mind. Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane allows you to interact with kangaroos and koala bears. Excellent opportunity to socialize and click pictures! Also, two hours away from Melbourne is the Philip Islands Nature Park where tourists can watch the world’s tiniest penguins splashing in the ocean.

The lakes, valleys and forests of Australia make it ideal for a hiking expedition, with the option of camping under the stars with a bonfire lit on the side.  The Australian outback is famous all over the world and is a natural world made of deep gorges, gushing waterfalls and rugged plains, all under sweeping blue skies!

The world heritage site of Lord Howe island, sunbathing opportunities at Rotto island ,the turtles, birds and white beaches of Wilson Island, the fascinating prison buildings of Cockatoo island, the exotic wildlife to be found at Kangaroo Island, the long, white beaches of Fraser island are just some of the factors that make an Australian holiday an excellent choice! So book your tickets, get that Australia visa and set sail, mate!

New Zealand Tourism – North Island Tour

Haven’t you always wanted to trace the stunning Lord of the Rings route? North Island in New Zealand is home to some of the most diverse, and scenic landscapes on earth. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the rich Maori culture, or enjoy a spa experience at one of the geothermal sites of the country, North Island won’t disappoint. New Zealand holiday packages can be customized to your interests, and there is something for everyone in this beautiful country.

Begin your journey in Auckland, the country’s largest city that always buzzes with activity. Visit the Auckland museum and enjoy some retail therapy, because Auckland is a shopper’s heaven. Stop by at Parnell village for some original Kiwi art. Visit one of Auckland’s wine districts and sample some world-class vino while you take in the excellent views of hills and the sea.

The Waikato region is for all you hiking enthusiasts, and you can even climb a volcano on the Karloi Summit Track. Satisfy your “Lord of the Rings” hunger with a visit to Matamata, the home of the hobbits. A guided tour of Hobbiton is a great option for all LOTR fans.

As a next stop, head to the Rotorua region with its geysers and its craters of boiling mud. A must-try is the Hangi feast cooked the traditional Maori way. Pamper yourself with a luxurious spa treatment at one of the excellent spas in the area. Some other Rotorua attractions that entice travelers are the excellent mountain biking circuits and the skydiving and zorbing activities.

Stroll along Lake Taupo, and while you’re there, take a boat cruise along the Western Bays. Trek through the Kalmanawa Forest Park and watch out for some rare fauna like the blue duck. Finally explore the nation’s capital, Wellington. Walk along the Wellington Waterfront, and make sure you visit Bree and Minas Tirith.

The North Island is a great place explore by yourself, so if you can drive along this circuit, it will be well worth your time.

This article is designed to provide New Zealand tourism information. Contact me if you have any queries about this content.

5 Must See Places in Australia

The continent of Australia houses several tourist places and thus is one of the top holiday destinations around the year. Bestowed with the most interesting flora and fauna, this place is a holiday land and full of action for intrepid travellers. With the Australia tourism packages having so much to offer, tourists revisit Australia because they just can’t get enough. This place is not only for family vacations but also for wild adventures.  Australia is known as the ‘Land of Leisure’.

1. SYDNEY – the cosmopolitan capital of New South Wales poses a temperate climate. Open spaces, botanicals & parks, architecture describe this place the best. The world-known, famous, ‘Sydney Opera House’ and the ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ is worth a visit. For travellers who admire the scenic beauty, sunshine and pristine beaches then you’re at the right place. Dazzling night life and fun activities is to be a part of.

2. CAIRNS – The Great Barrier is the world’s biggest coral reef located at the tropical North Queensaland. The coral reef system is the most amazing sight for divers and swimmers. Cairns is also the place to experience sky diving, scuba diving, safaris and night zoos. For bird watching, a day tour in the Daintree rainforest that houses more than 400 species of birds and the waterfalls is commendably worth.

3. MELBOURNE – If you planning to take something back home for all those who are eagerly waiting your arrival. Then don’t hesitate to shop at the Melbourne shopping centers, malls or markets. Economically best prized commodities at the arcades, you’re sure to find something for all. Visit the marvelous vistas, high raised structures and parliament house, museums and restaurants.

4. QUEENSLAND – Packages for Australia promises a tour to all the hot spots in Australia. Tangalooma is the filled with plenty of resorts. Whaling stations for the Whale watchers and Wild Dolphin resorts are famous here. Capture a picture with them or pamper them! Go on a cruise in the Australian waters.

5. THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD – Drive your way along in the great ocean road. Lovers of long drives set into the south coast of Australia and accelerate the journey of life!

Land into the leisure destination of all times by opting for Australia tour packages which is truly worth it all.

New Year 2013 Resolutions – Travel Resolutions for 2013

The New Year with its routine life, everyday work, same colleagues/friends/family, and unchanged daily travel route may already start to appear not too new after all!  The one thing that we insist you do this year is that you travel to destinations that offer experiences and moments that go beyond the touristy realm. By this we mean that while you already falling short of fulfilling ordinary New Year resolutions you can make the more specific New Year Travel Resolutions (and stick to them). These will ensure that you not only travel but that you do so differently than you have done in the past.

1. Fly solo

While travelling with a partner or in groups is the obvious way to travel how about straying off the beaten track and travelling alone?! Decide on the destination, plan the itinerary, check the must-do things in the area, book the tickets and go away. Discover the place, befriend the locals and in the process learn and discover things about yourself. Sounds like a good plan, no?

2. Go on a road trip

You can never have one too many road trips! The areas and vistas of India are definitely beautiful enough to get you to want to travel by road. Be it to Goa or to Rajasthan or within Sikkim or even from Srinagar to Leh, there are many road trip routes for you to choose from. While the roads may disappoint from time-to-time, the delectable foods at the roadside dhabas more than make up for it.

3. Go adventurous!

Don’t choose destinations to see this year, choose the adventure you want to live. It could be an adventure sports getaway, a culinary escapade, a wine/drinks binge spree or a strictly no-phone/tablet holiday. You can choose the pristine waters of the shiny beach or the dizzying heights of the Alps/mountains. Choose your adventure and live it in 2013.

4. Be open to ideas

What’s the point of travel if you are not open to experiences and if you are not willing to go the extra mile and step out of your comfort zone!? So, do as the Romans or Greeks or Sri Lankas do. Partake in the local culture, live the local life. Don’t just travel, live another life!

You must ensure that even though you don’t live up to your general resolutions this New Year, you do live your New Year travel resolutions. Really, it can’t be that difficult to do one if not all things mentioned here now, can it?

What about your New Year’s resolutions? Happy New Year!!!

Top 5 Villa Hotels in Bali

Bali is a tiny Indonesian island that is quite the star in the world of travels. It enjoys tourist attention all throughout the year and features in the go-to list of almost everyone. The beaches, the relaxing vibe, the spa facilities, the abundant natural beauty, the ultimate in luxury resorts/villas are but a handful and probably the most important features that make Bali tour packages so irresistible to the international tourist.

In this article I put together a list of Villa Hotels/Resorts in Bali that are the final word in luxury, comfort, beauty and opulence.

1. Alila Villas Uluwatu

If your tour package to Bali does not include a stay at the Alila Villas Uluwatu, then you need to redesign your itinerary. Located atop a plateau that kisses lime stone cliffs that brush off against the shores of the ocean, the views offered by the Alila Villas are breath – taking and could well be a peep into heaven. This 5 star abode offers fine-dining services, a personal butler in every Villa, a cliff top pool and bar and the best of the best Spa services.

2. Banyan Tree Ungasan

If you are planning a romantic holiday then the Banyan Tree Ungasan is just the resort for you. It is offers an ecological, culture-sensitive and thoroughly mesmerising experience that will leave you and your partner spell-bound.

3. Bulgari Hotels and Resorts

The Bulgari Hotel and Resort, Bali stands atop a cliff and boasts of 59 villas, each of which has its private pool, garden and an outdoor living area. The villas are secluded and promise privacy whereas the lobby area is social and brimming with fervour. The resort also has its private white sand beach which is accessible only by an inclined elevator. If this is the resort in your Bali package, then you are sure to live the ultimate extravagant experience.

4. Ayana Resort and Spa

Ayana Resort and Spa is the coming together of lavishness and seclusion. All of the 78 villas have an ocean view and a private pool surrounded by tropical gardens. Should you choose to step out of your heaven-on-earth abode, then you can access the resort’s dining and spa facilities. Else, you can stay cocooned in your nest and stay disconnected and happy.

5. W Retreat and Spa

If you like a hint of glamour in your holidays, then the W Retreat and Spa is just the place for you. The villas are over-flowing with all things magnificent and while the technology is top-notch, the in-room entertainment is generous and blissful. Sip a cocktail at the bar, devour urban feasts or dance your worries away – no matter what you do, remember to keep it opulent & stylish.