5 Must See Places in Australia

The continent of Australia houses several tourist places and thus is one of the top holiday destinations around the year. Bestowed with the most interesting flora and fauna, this place is a holiday land and full of action for intrepid travellers. With the Australia tourism packages having so much to offer, tourists revisit Australia because they just can’t get enough. This place is not only for family vacations but also for wild adventures.  Australia is known as the ‘Land of Leisure’.

1. SYDNEY – the cosmopolitan capital of New South Wales poses a temperate climate. Open spaces, botanicals & parks, architecture describe this place the best. The world-known, famous, ‘Sydney Opera House’ and the ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ is worth a visit. For travellers who admire the scenic beauty, sunshine and pristine beaches then you’re at the right place. Dazzling night life and fun activities is to be a part of.

2. CAIRNS – The Great Barrier is the world’s biggest coral reef located at the tropical North Queensaland. The coral reef system is the most amazing sight for divers and swimmers. Cairns is also the place to experience sky diving, scuba diving, safaris and night zoos. For bird watching, a day tour in the Daintree rainforest that houses more than 400 species of birds and the waterfalls is commendably worth.

3. MELBOURNE – If you planning to take something back home for all those who are eagerly waiting your arrival. Then don’t hesitate to shop at the Melbourne shopping centers, malls or markets. Economically best prized commodities at the arcades, you’re sure to find something for all. Visit the marvelous vistas, high raised structures and parliament house, museums and restaurants.

4. QUEENSLAND – Packages for Australia promises a tour to all the hot spots in Australia. Tangalooma is the filled with plenty of resorts. Whaling stations for the Whale watchers and Wild Dolphin resorts are famous here. Capture a picture with them or pamper them! Go on a cruise in the Australian waters.

5. THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD – Drive your way along in the great ocean road. Lovers of long drives set into the south coast of Australia and accelerate the journey of life!

Land into the leisure destination of all times by opting for Australia tour packages which is truly worth it all.


3 thoughts on “5 Must See Places in Australia

  1. Question – I know that Oz is having a severe heat wave and I am wondering what the normal temperature is during early February, i.e., I will be there on the 7th through the 21st, as part of a RTW trip. Thank you for your post.

    • @blade3colorado – Oooh a round the world trip? That’s exciting! February is the last of the summer months in Australia. Weather is usually pleasant in this month, well that is if you consider 30 degrees celcius to be pleasant. The temperature usually varies from 18 – 32 degree celcius (75 – 85F) across the country, and it is a great time to visit the beaches.

      If you are travelling to the far north, it’ll be good if you keep track of the local weather, because here it might rain a few days during Feb.

      Hope you have a lot of fun in Australia and throughout your trip. Since you are there in Feb, you might also want to check out the Sydney Mardi Gras. Cheers!

      • Rajesh, thank you for the prompt reply. I have heard reports of up to 125 degree weather in the country right now. True? I would imagine that is up north and inland, correct? Again, thank you.

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