Switzerland Tour Packages: Board the Glacier Express For An Unforgettable Icy Journey

Running between Zermatt and St. Moritz, the widely famed ‘The Glacier Express’ is a train service which can send you on an unearthly voyage amidst the ice and the snow, the mountains and the sky, and heaven and paradise. The distinction between the real and the ethereal substantially diminishes when you are onboard on The Glacier Express which is one best way to explore and feast on the natural beauty of Switzerland.

Switzerland holiday packages offer you this mind-blowing journey which will:

–    Set up your rendezvous with the Swiss Alps, the rustic villages, the sky-touching hills, the silent valleys and the pellucid Rhone

–    Help you get goose bumps at the medieval era locales of old Chur

–    Give you all kinds of comforts and luxuries juxtaposed with the perfect sightseeing ambience

Other information: Switzerland tour packages offer this ride throughout the year, though the best time to board The Glacier Express is during the wintry months of December-April, when snow is at its full bloom. The total distance traversed is 275 kilometer and the passengers get to experience a rainbow of emotions ranging from thrill to excitement to ecstasy.

Switzerland packages allow tourists to make quick, easy bookings (it is advisable to make your booking well in advance). The trains are equipped with transparent, see-through windows so that the tourists can feast on the panorama outside. Both first-class and second-class seats offer complete comfort and facilities to the passengers.

The train timings and frequency are different in different seasons and are subject to change depending on the climatic vagaries.


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