What to see in Old Goa

Old Goa brings before you the vintage India with its huge congregation of churches, cathedrals and chapels. In fact, you are going to get an inescapable overdose of churches at this heritage corner. At the same time, the serenity and quiet at this town can be beautiful and creepy at the same time.

Here are some famous attractions of Old Goa:

i.    Basilica of Bom Jesus: Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the oldest and most pious churches in India. The prophetic St. Francis Xavier rests at this place which therefore receives huge number of footfalls from both pilgrims and tourists. Besides the spiritual beauty, one also derives joy from the nostalgia-evoking architectural style of the church.

ii.    Se Cathedral: Se Cathedral is one of the most popular places to visit in Goa because of its vastness and sheer beauty. With 14 altars, it is Asia’s most humongous cathedral. Stepping inside this church is akin to stepping inside the gothic age of history and wonderment!

iii.    Chapel of St. Cajetan: This chapel magnificently reflects the Portugal architectural style. The chapel was built around the early 16th century and revolves around some intriguing religious tales. The feeling one gets while entering its premise is quite unworldly.

iv.    Museum of Christian Art: This museum will give you a much-needed break from the endless church trail, and also fill you up with interesting trivia about some traditional arts.

v.    Church of Lady of Rosary: After a tryst with a visually impressive museum, you can get back to church-hopping and check out the famous Church of Lady of Rosary, another incredible structure of nostalgia, religion and serenity.

Other than these, other famous places to visit in Goa include names like Church of St. Augustine, Pilar Seminary Museum and Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery.


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