Waterfalls in Kerala

You’ve organised your leave and booked your tickets, but have you decided what places to visit in Kerala? The best way to start is with a waterfall. We see the humour in that sentence too, because we’re sure you’re as aware as we are that Kerala has a beautiful waterfall in almost every nook and cranny. So, we’re going to give you a little lowdown, area wise, of the most important ones so you don’t get confused.

South side

We’re going to start you off in the South. You’ll miss out if you don’t visit Palaruvi waterfalls in Kollam. It rushed down from over 300 feet and is heavy white, nicknamed the ‘stream of milk.’ It’s a slight trek to get there, but completely worth it as it’s nestled between the hills and valleys. You can also head over to popular picnic spot, Arubikkuzhi, the waterfalls that wind through rubber plantations. It’s incredibly noisy, but beautiful beyond compare.

Image Credit: WeAreHolidays.co.in

Image Credit: WeAreHolidays.co.in

The middle ground

Waterfalls in Central Kerala are by no means unassuming and can hold a candle, if not several, to those in the South. You have to start off with Athirappalli and Vazhachal, the waterfalls near Thrissur that is the most famous – mostly because of the imposing 80ft height of the Athirappalli and the picturesque Vazhachal where you can set out your picnic basket.  Of course, then there’s the waterfall for those who crave a slight adrenaline rush. The seven-step Thommankuthi near Idukki is filled with natural surroundings, caves and an overload of treks and mountains ranges. While you’re in Idukki, don’t miss the Valara waterfalls – the epitome of all that is beautiful. While the river originates from the Western Ghats, the massive waterfall is a treat. You may spot some wildlife when you’re there as an added bonus too. Before exiting towards the North catch a glimpse of the Dhoni hills with the waterfall that flows to reach the Malampuzha dam. It’s an extremely dense area, so make sure you’ve got your hiking boots.

Up and away

Then of course there are the Thusharagiri waterfalls as you make your way to the North of Kerala. They’re really a sight to see, because the rocky waterfall is unlike most others. It’s a trekkers treasure trove, but make sure you take a guide with you.  Don’t leave without seeing the glittering waters of Vellari Mala, which is quite close to Thusharagiri.


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