Shopping in Cochin – Where to Shop in Kochi?

A tour of Kerala is incomplete without shopping at Cochin. The commercial capital of the state, Cochin Shopping offers an experience like never before with a variety of spices, clothes and handicraft items making it an exotic Indian shopping experience

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Beyond Shopping Malls

While Cochin has its own share of malls and branded items, one must not lose sight of the fact that malls are there everywhere. A city like Cochin offers something special of its own. The small curios shops at Cochin sell beautiful souvenir items such as jewelry, bangles, figurines that are made from the natural substances that include the following:

•    Ivory
•    Sandalwood
•    Brass
•    Shells
•    Bamboo

Items made from wood are also available in plenty. The same is promoted by Kerala tourism through their flagship feature called Kerala Tour Packages.

PentaMenaka and Other Destinations

An important shopping destination in Cochin is the Penta Menaka meant specifically for electronic items. However, here too, you get spices galore. Apart from this, Cochin’s own Marine Drive is the place to be for some the world’s best perfumes. Suitcases, music cassettes and CDs also find a place in this beautiful Cochin shore line.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

India, famous for its textile, has a couple of such places located in Cochin. In MG Road and Broadway, you are likely to find a wide range of textile collections spread across the various shops of that area. A visit to these markets will leave you with options galore to fill in your suitcases with textile of all kinds. The placesnear the Synagogue in Mattancherry are a known hub for spices. Some of India’s more exotic spices can be found in this area.


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