5 local dishes to try in Pune: A food lover’s guide

Pune is coming across as one of the most reliable tourist destinations in India. It is not just cheap in comparison but offers a good variety and plenty of attractions. It is also a special place for a foodaholic since the city has got an impressive number of restaurants and cuisines up its sleeves.

Here is a quick guide to some must-try dishes in Pune:

Misal: Misal is a food you must try just to give your belly that much-needed delight! Shagun Chawk, one of the most recommended places to visit in Pune, has an eatery called Bedekar where this dish is extremely famous.

Image Credit: monsoonspice.com

Image Credit: monsoonspice.com

Pitla and Bhakri: If you happen to visit Sinhagad, then do make sure to dig into the local dish of Pitla and Bhakri! Tourists have a strong fascination for this dish which is easily available outside the forts of the city.

Image Credit: sutrayerecipes.com

Image Credit: sutrayerecipes.com

Vada Pav: Vada Pav is a favorite local food of the Maharashtrians. So, there is little wonder that Pune too flaunts it in its menu. Though, you can come across this snack in all the nooks and corners of the city, one heavily trodden place is the eatery of Joshi Vadewala!

Image Credit: itslife.in

Image Credit: itslife.in

Biryani: Pune is also renowned amongst the Biryani lovers. The ‘dum biryani’ is the USP of the city and the restaurant named Aba Cha Dhaba serves it the best!

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Malwani seafood: Malwani seafood offers you some unforgettable culinary options. If you love the crabs, lobsters, fishes and prawns, then do give a try to the local seafoods! ‘Nisarg’ and ‘Rahul’ are the places to visit in Pune for taking a bite of these underwater delights!


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