A Guide to Shopping In Cochin

Kochi, which many people call by its previous name Cochin, is a beautiful port city on the coast of Arabian Sea in the South Indian state of Kerala, Kerala is paradise for the travelers in the lower end of India for its indescribable natural beauty and Cochin or Kochi is a big jewel on its crown. The beauty of Cochin lies on the sea coast where fishing trawlers create wonderful silhouettes during the afternoon when the golden sun sets on the sea. Despite of being a port city, Cochin is a serene spot where can talk with Mother Nature.

Antique shop jew town kochi

Image Credit: WikiPedia

However panoramic view of the sea and scenic surroundings are not the only things that make Cochin one of the prime places to visit in Kerala. A big attraction of Cochin is huge scope for shopping. One can take home diverse types of items as souvenirs from Cochin. The best places for shopping in the port city of Cochin are the picturesque Marine Drive, Penta Menaka Complex, MG Road, Broadway and Mattancherry. At Marine Drive, one can pick from varieties of perfumes, bags, suitcases, music CDs, DVDs and watches. Penta Menaka complex is famous for its duty free shops where electronic items and mobile phones are sold at cheaper rates, while MG Road is a great place to but textile products, readymade clothes, handicraft items, home decoratives, home furnishing items, jewelries and toys.

Image Credit: WikiPedia

Image Credit: WikiPedia

Spices are things to buy in Cochin, since their quality is excellent. Broadway is a great place to buy these spices. The surrounding area of the synagogue in Mattancherry is also big trading spot for spices from where one buy items at reasonable rates.  Cochin is an exciting place for shopaholics and hence one who is addicted to shopping should check out Kerala packages that include a trip to Cochin.


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