Visa Requirements for Singapore

Singapore the gorgeous South-East Asian Island nation is haven for tourists. Singapore witnesses a huge international crowd throughout the year, thanks to its breathtaking scenic beauty, stunning skyline and endless scopes for shopping, the biggest highlight of Singapore tourism. Making a trip to Singapore is now easier than ever since the processes for obtaining a tourist visa for the country have been made simpler. To apply for a Singapore visa, one just needs to know the visa requirement for the country.

Image Credit: WikiPedia

Image Credit: WikiPedia

Things that one need to submit while applying for tourist visa for Singapore are valid passport with at least six month validity on the day of leaving Singapore, a completely filled up Form 14A, which could be obtained from any Singapore Overseas Mission or any authorized visa agent at Annex A, 1 colored passport size photograph measuring 35 mm by 45 mm with a border (photograph should be taken within the last 3 months) with full face and without any gear on head, unless it is religious custom, other supporting documents to add to the merit of the application (if any is available), and English version of all documents. One has to submit his or visa application to an authorized visa agent at Annex A for online processing and take a printed e-visa after his or her application is approved.

Image Credit: WikiPedia

Image Credit: WikiPedia

Image Credit: WikiPedia

Image Credit: WikiPedia

The current processing fee for each visa application is $30 and one can pay it using debit or credit cards. In addition to this, the authorized visa agent charges a certain amount as service charge. One must take a note of the fact that a possession of a valid visa is not sufficient for entering Singapore. One must possess sufficient money for the duration of stay in the country and a confirmed return or onward air ticket.


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