Top 5 must-do things in Cairo

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is a historic place full of the mysteries and magic of the ancient world. Apart from its ancestral treasures, it also stocks some of the great gems which the modern era has brewed up in abundance.

Image Source: WikiPedia

Image Source: WikiPedia

Image Source: WikiPedia

Image Source: WikiPedia

Egypt tour packages offer plenty of fun and frothiness to a tourist. Here are the top 5 things to do in Cairo:

Checking out the pyramids finally: So, you held your breath with anticipation all these years, may be decades, willing life to give you a chance to visit the mighty pyramids. And finally, after a seemingly unending wait, you stand at the very doorstep of this monumental structure craning your neck to gaze at its behemoth crescent. The Giza pyramids are the best of the lot and when you finally feel their great presence around you, you would know that life indeed comes a full circle.

Riding the camel: Egypt is a desert country, so why should you not board the ‘ship of the desert’! Apart from being very enthralling and exciting, a camel ride is also an enriching and a one-of-a-kind experience which you can savor forever.

Stepping inside the Egyptian Museum: Holiday packages in Cairo almost always take you into the galleries of the Egyptian Museum, which is the home to those mummified corpses and many other wonderful leftovers of the country’s historic man. This museum is another must-visit attraction.

Riding the Felucca on the Nile: River Nile must not be missed. It is the longest river on the planet and is overflowing in history, culture and natural wealth. A Felucca ride on this river is an affair to remember; something which can be easily arranged under your Egypt tour packages.

Image Source: WikiPedia

Image Source: WikiPedia

Image Source: WikiPedia

Image Source: WikiPedia

Shopping at Kahn Ali Kalili: Any tourist would like to shop in this corner. It is a tradition-rich bucolic market where souvenirs exchange hands in high numbers.


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