A Guide to Tashkent’s Nightlife

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan may be a tad conservative by birth but it is hurtling forward very fast to cater to the demands of its international tourists. Tashkent nightlife is now no longer considered conservative or restrained and the emergence of countless night clubs is testimony to the statement.

Some tips which you need to keep in mind while you head out into the city at night are:

i.    Prostitution has been one of the issues of the city of late. And there can be brawls or other problems regarding it. It would be safe for you to keep away from any call girls. You can, however, arrange for a paid service if you so desire.
ii.    Check the best clubs and restaurants: Tashkent packages allow you to check the best restaurants and clubs to suit your taste and preference. You need to figure out the ones which will fit into your needs, since you may not like some of the local dishes if you have a completely different culinary taste. So, it would be opt for you to walk into a dining outlet where multiple cuisines are served.

Some major night clubs of Tashkent:

Tashkent's Nightlife

Image Source: WeAreHolidays.co.in

Though Tashkent nightlife owes its reputation to a number of night clubs, here are some of the more popular ones:

a.    Club 25: Club 25 is a highly visited pub where the dance floor seems to come alive on its own. The music can be extremely peppy and there is a lot of space in this disco. It is also well located and the entry fee is reasonable.
b.    Sky Night Club: Le Grande Plaza’s Sky Night Club is the frontrunner when it comes to the best clubs of Tashkent. Its USP is its music and crowd. For perfect atmosphere and ambience, this club is recommended under all the Tashkent packages.


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