A Day Trip to Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is a small and secluded hamlet which is nestled in the north-eastern corner of Singapore. It is one of the least urbanized areas in the country and has that raw rustic beauty which can instantly give you a whiff of bucolic nostalgia. With a sparse population but some pristine natural locales, this place is fetching good number of visitors these days.

Image Source:wikipedia

Image Source:wikipedia

Pulau Ubin was once just an outdoor escapade for local city-dwellers, but its popularity for a day trip has been rising in recent times, thanks to some wonderful Singapore packages.

Despite being miniscule in size, there are some diverse varieties of attractions which will greet your hungry eyes as you step over its less trodden soils. The Pekan Quarry is one of its most visited attractions. The quarry has, over the years, transformed into a miniature lake and has got wrapped in quilts of serenity and solitude.

Then there is the Chek Jawa Wetland. It is situated towards the eastern end of the Ubin Island and is noted for its rich ecosystem and biodiversity. The lovers of nature would definitely have a peaceful and memorable time at this place.

Image Source:wikipedia

Image Source:wikipedia

The spiritual seekers must not miss out on the Wei Tuo Fa Gong Temple. Lying towards the western part of the island, it is a Buddhist temple which is around 85 years old. It is not just spiritual but is also embedded amidst natural locales.

Peripatetic tourists must also check out the German Girl Shrine which has a yellow tinge to it making it distinguishable from its surroundings even from a sizeable distance.

A Singapore tour package can stitch a one-day trip for you to Pulau Ubin. It is easy to reach, is a blissful escape from the dazzle of the main cities, and does not burden your pocket. If you plan to stay overnight, then you can either slip into some hotels like the Celestial Resort or you can camp out outdoors.


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