Top 5 things to do in Greece

Greece is a rare combination of history, art and beaches. The ever-so-popular country continues to be visited and thronged in humongous numbers and promises one perfect holiday. There is so much to see and so much to do in this part of the world that it is very hard to handpick the top 5 things.

Nevertheless, most Greece packages advise these top must-do things:

i.    Indulging in water sports: Greece has some fabulous beaches which are not only picturesque but are very congenial for water sports. Holiday lovers must make sure to try some cool sports on these shores with the turquoise sea nearby. Kite boarding is very famous with the tourists and so is kayaking. Every other major beach sport is available.

Image Source: wikipedia

Image Source: wikipedia

ii.    Enjoying sunset at Santorini: Greece tourism receives excellent traffic at Santorini which is considered amongst the most hypnotic destinations on Earth for viewing sunsets. This is a great place to feel the exuberance of true romance, and it is also a corner which is a favorite with nature photographers.

Image Source: wikipedia

Image Source: wikipedia

iii.    Touring the Acropolis: Acropolis is the most famous landmark situated in the city of Athens. It stands for the country’s history, heritage and art. It is also one of the most published images of the country and is included in most Greece packages.

iv.    Exploring the National Archaeological Museum: Athens is also home to some great museums and the best one, undoubtedly, is the National Archaeological Museum. Anyone who is interested in history should make it a point to visit this place. The time spent inside its walls would be worthwhile and extremely informative.

Image Source: wikipedia

Image Source: wikipedia

v.    Gazing at the Temple of Poseidon: The Temple of Poseidon is associated with the country’s history and mythology. It is noted for more than one reason. And its ruins will definitely take you back through the time warp. Greece tourism postcards have this temple flaunted all over them.


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