Top 5 things to do in Spain

Spain is a lovely holiday destination and a potpourri of attractions, landmarks, culture and adventure. From its beautiful churches to its mesmerizing architecture to its fascinating markets, the country certainly has that enamoring quality. Spain packages pack in a lot of attractions.

Here are the top 5 things you should do in Spain when traveling for the first time:

i.    Visiting Barcelona’s cathedrals: Barcelona is a town famed for its heritage buildings. It has some old cathedrals which have survived the test of time to give the visitors an enchanting peek into the past. Santa Maria Del Mar and the Barcelona Cathedral are two must-visit churches.

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

ii.    Cycle at Andalucia: Andalucia is picturesque, serene and encircled by soothing villages. Cycle trips arranged in this region is one of the highlights of Spain tourism. With so much sunshine and so many hills smiling down at you, breezing through the slopes on a cycle can be like a revisit to lost childhood.

iii.    Dancing in Flamenco style: Spain’s most famous dance form is Flamenco. Every year, local festivals are arranged in cities like Madrid where Flamenco is the star attraction. These festive parties are a fun thing because of good food and an exciting fusion of culture.

iv.    Visit El Tajo Grand Canyon: El Tajo Grand Canyon is a place of history and nature, and is thereby often a part of Spain packages. The place is in a ruinous and dilapidated state. So, those who have a penchant for ruins would feel like being in heaven in this area. In the vicinity, there are opportunities to take a bite of the local wildlife and to shop, eat and sightsee at Ronda.

Image Source:

Image Source:

v.    Shopping: Shopping and Spain go hand in hand. Madrid’s Augusto Figueroa is the most recommended shopping address for any tourist. Though one can shop for anything and everything, Spain tourism is particularly noted for shoe-hunting.


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