Switzerland Tourism: 5 Things I Really Love About Switzerland

I was still a kid when the late Bollywood director Yash Chopra opened the floodgates of fantasy and showed us a beautiful, almost incredible, vignette of Switzerland in his lovey-dovey films. Back then, I was pretty impressed and always wanted to have a slice of Switzerland tourism, provided someone pays for my trip. And then, years later, when I finally did get that chance to tour this country, I was skeptical! I felt that the country, after all, may not be as fancifully exuberant or as poetically charming as it was showcased in those Bollywood rom-coms.

But hey, I was wrong! I found this out the moment I landed on the Swiss soil. The sight which my eyes feasted on for the next few days is something which they won’t forget in a hurry. The Alps are not just mightily picturesque. They are epitomes of tranquility and appear to have jutted out right from some fable story. I can go on and on about the scenic beauty of this country. But then, I need to really move on, and point out a few other good things which Switzerland has to offer.

Here is a list of some of the best things I like about Switzerland:

i.    The train journey: Journeying through train back in my country was a horrendous experience. But it was in Switzerland that I discovered how good it can feel while you are seated inside a luxurious seat and the engine charges down those snowy mountains and the cold wind whips at your face! The Glacial Express journey is something I recommend to everyone, even to my miserly neighbor who, I know, would never take his family for an exorbitant Switzerland trip (even if he wins a million dollar lottery).

Image Source: wikipedia

Image Source: wikipedia

ii.    Architecture: Believe me, Switzerland has a very lively collection of buildings. And the great thing is that they come with some delectable variety! So, you have that quaint architecture which would pull you around its arms of nostalgia, and you also have some new-age modern designs coming up which can make you awed at the engineering skills of the ingenious man.

iii.    Chocolates and bonbons: Anyone who is into chocolates and bonbons will never be able to hate Switzerland. Switzerland tourism tempts you with its local chocolate factories and bonbon-selling shops. Yes I know even my native country sells chocolates like anything! But once you have tasted the Swiss chocolates, you are not going to get satisfaction out of anything else. Besides, in Switzerland, one can always take a tour of the factories and see the workers manufacturing these delicious little things!

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

iv.    Cuisine: Switzerland knows how to make you yield to temptation! I used to be a very choosy eater especially in offshore countries! But this place brought about a change in me, and made me eat like a glutton! Places like Post Haus, Heimberg and Chlosterli can make you lick your fingers over and over again.

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

v.    Skiing: Finally, I love this country for its adventure sports. There is no better place in the world to enjoy skiing. The snowy slopes are so fresh and windy, that I wish I could scream and say, ‘These mountain are mine’!


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