Europe – A Wonderful Heaven on Earth

Europe, the world’s second smallest continent is one of the topmost tourists’ destination spot. When we think of a foreign tour Europe is the first name that pops on our mind. It is the most beautiful and extravagant continent housing some of the most spellbinding countries of the world. The Europe tour packages and Europe tourism makes it easy on the pockets to explore this inevitable journey of life. Among the many countries the top five countries of Europe are:

Portugal: Portugal is an ancient beauty which still stands proudly as one of the top backpacker’s country in Europe. The Europe tour packages capture the unearthly beauty of this mystical country. What attract backpackers to this historical country is the ancient archeological brilliance and a cool and pleasant weather throughout the year. Also Portugal has some excellent taste in wine and the locals are friendly and jovial.


Image Source: WikiPedia

Spain: the magnificent countryside with flourishing meadows, lustrous forests and mountains and beaches on one side with architectural heaven and mouthwatering delicacies on the other makes Spain an inevitable place for backpackers and of course the famous bull fight, the highlight of Spain is a must see event in this paradise.

Image Source: WikiPedia

Image Source: WikiPedia

Croatia: the beautiful country of Croatia is located in Southern part of Europe surrounded by the enchanting Adriatic Sea.  The crystal sandy beaches, the cluster of small seducing islands and exquisite destinations to visit like Hvar and Dubrovnik along with mouthwatering cuisine are the main grounds for the growing popularity of holidaying in the arms of this tranquil country.

Image Source: WikiPedia

Image Source: WikiPedia

Ireland:  Ireland is a brilliant blend of ancient traditions and cultures and modern values. The name Ireland reminds of three things – Guinness, shamrock and green leprechauns – the stuff we only see in movies. Other prized possessions of Ireland are the kissing stone of Blarney Castle, mesmerizing cliffs, the Ring of Kerry route, lush green valleys and tranquil locales.

Italy: the historical centre of Roam Empire, Italy is called the land of seas and plays hosts to some of the most breathtaking cities with various cultural sites and display of art and architecture that will take your breath away. Backpackers take Europe tour packages to visit the amazing Colosseum, churches and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Europe is an amazing continent and has topped the lists of best destinations in the world and the trip becomes ever more exciting with the facilities of Europe tourism and Europe tour packages.


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