Hong Kong packages in big demand, thanks to the Giant Rubber Duck

If you happen to tour Hong Kong this month and come face-to-face with an inflatable rubber gigantic yellow duck smirking at you from a height of a 6-storey building, then don’t feel shocked (though, you are permitted to gape or gawk)! The giant yellow duck which is on a world tour spree has now chosen to grace and bless Hong Kong tourism guide with its rubber-plated paws (or webbed feet, whatever you call it)!

Dutch artist Florentijin Hofman’s brainchild, this duck has been sailing across oceans to wade over to the Hong Kong harbor where it is going to majestically float till June 6 (so, if you want to set your sight on this little big toy, then better grab those cheap Hong Kong packages before we run out of them)!

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

Statistically speaking, this rubber duck is over 54 feet tall (16.5 m) with eyes as big, black and bulbous as would suffice to make every girl (and boy) go ‘awww’.

The reason behind the conception of such a duck may be multifarious. Perhaps, the Dutch artist wanted to step back to his childhood or maybe he wanted us to revisit out golden days! What is true and undeniable is the fact that he has indeed succeeded in making tourists turn nostalgic and get brooding over their toddler days when they would lap about in their bathtubs with those small, squeaking rubber toys!

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

From the point of the duck, it can be said that this rubbery thing is quite lucky! It has been exploring various corners of the world since 2007 and has already traversed over 13 cities ranging over 9 countries.

Needless to say that this duck has shot up demand for Hong Kong packages with tourists, adventurists and photographers all making a beeline for this destination. No wonder, the Hong Kong tourism officials are rubbing their hands in glee! This dead duck is, after all, no ‘dead duck’!


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