Turkey packages: Top 5 things to do in Turkey

Turkey has surfaced as a lovely and largely unexplored country which can take you by surprise with its rich wealth of history, culture and heritage. Budget Turkey packages give you a satisfying vignette of diverse attractions which range from mosques to markets, from hot air balloons to a peppy nightlife.

Here are, in brief, the top 5 things to do in Turkey:

Exploring Istanbul: Istanbul is a must-visit city and one which is always teeming with tourists and backpackers. It shows the true mirror of the country’s indigenous culture and has plenty of photogenic markets and mosques. Popular attractions include Blue Mosque, Aya Sofia, Spice Market and Grand Bazaar.

Enjoying the nightlife: Despite not being as liberal as some of the western countries, Turkey tourism does ride high on its fulfilling nightlife. Istanbul’s Taksim Square, in particular, has quite a few clubs and pubs up its sleeves. Antalya is another town where night comes with a new beginning.

Ogling at Goreme: The nature loves to manifest itself in its full glory at Goreme. The mountains feel refreshingly quaint and it is a joy to survey them from hot air balloons. The region is also littered with old decadent churches, smoking hot chimneys, weather-beaten rocks and some excellent trekking sites.

Visit Ephesus: You need to get the most of history out of your Turkey packages. And there can be nothing better than to visit places like Ephesus which have some great sites and museums dedicated to the old world. The Ephesus Museum, in this context, deserves a special mention.

Seeing the springs of Pamukkale: If you are interested in hot springs, then do make sure to visit Pamukkale. It is a reservoir of some hot water springs where nature really makes its dominance felt. Turkey tourism has often spotlighted this region and dubbed the area as ‘cotton castle’.


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