Cheap Hotels In Switzerland: 4 Places Loved By Budget Backpackers

If you have made the sensible decision of spending your honeymoon in the Swiss Alps, then we would happily show you around some pocket-friendly hotels. We understand that staying at a hotel in an offshore destination can be really heavy on the pocket unless you have done your research well.

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

So, here we offer you a quick glimpse of some really cheap hotels in the country:

  1.  Piz Buin: The tariff for a person in its room is just 65 CHF. But that’s not the greatest quality about this hotel. It is a quaint and archaic-looking building which offers you the complete serenity and the perfect ambience for a romantic sojourn. It is located in the town of Guarda.
  2. Victoria Ritter: You can buy honeymoon packages for Switzerland and book a room at Hotel Victoria Ritter nestled in Kandersteg. It is a hotel strongly recommended for families traveling with kids. There are special games and kids’ rooms which are perfect for your kids. But even honeymooners and business men love to stay at this cozy place. Its rates are 80 CHF per person.
  3. Hotel Urirotstock: If you wish to stay close to the nature, then choose this hotel situated just by the Lucerne Lake. Located in Isenthal, the hotel charges you just 50 CHF.
  4. Hotel Park: At Fiesch, this hotel should be your perfect resting ground. For staying in a double room, you will be required to shell out just 50 CHF. It has good amenities and enjoys a busy location.
Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

Switzerland honeymoon packages from India are available on the internet and can be booked instantly. Using these packages, you can make advance bookings of rooms in your preferred hotel.

PS- The rates mentioned above are the general tariffs. But as is the case with most hotels, their prices keep changing depending on the season.

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