Romancing and relaxing on the lap of nature in Thailand

When it comes to the most special ‘honeymoon’ trip, people prefer tranquility, serenity and a calm atmosphere for absolute relaxation. Hence they choose spots that are picturesque, very close to Mother Nature and are absolutely romantic. Off late, Thailand has been growing in popularity as a honeymoon spot. People from all corners of the world now choose from different honeymoon packages Thailand to spend a memorable holiday with their loved ones. With mountains on one side and pristine beaches on another, mysterious and picturesque islands floating on turquoise blue sea water, temples and breathtaking surroundings, Thailand offer a complete package to honeymooners.

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

At Thailand you can choose from different honeymoon packages. You can opt for a romantic honeymoon package, a relaxing package, lover’s escape or spa honeymoon package. The romancing honeymoon package includes trips to the famous temples of Thailand and the bustling city of Bangkok, the Floating Market, Pattaya Beach and scuba diving at the Coral Island. By choosing the Lover’s Escape package, you can visit the Grand Palace, one of the ‘must see’ places in Thailand. It is a grand complex that features the Temple of Emarald Buddha or Wat Phra Keow, which is a wonder of the world.  From there you will be taken for a Bangkok Canal Tour, where you will be travelling on the water on a motor launch or a speed boat. Temples and residential buildings on either sides of the water way look fascinating from the boat.

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

To gift your person of ‘love’ complete relaxation, you can choose the relaxing honeymoon package and fly to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. From Chiang Mai you can make trips to the tribal villages on the hills or opt for the elephant safari in the jungle. After spending a couple of days at Chiang Mai you can fly to Samui, which is a serene piece of land on the bank of the turquoise sea. From Samui you can visit the picturesque rocky islands of Koh Nangyuan and Koh Tao. Like many other countries, Thailand honeymoon packages from India are available in different ttypes that you can choose from. Check out packages of different travel agencies and choose one according to your preference.


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