Bangkok On A Budget: Cheap Travel Packages Are Buzzing Around Like Flies

It is said that if you have money then you must take a tour of Bangkok, and if you don’t have money, then you must still take a tour of Bangkok! The Thailand capital is a backpacker’s girlfriend and one which is not very demanding when it comes to money! So even if you do not have much cash (the author of this article would so well empathize with your condition), then you can always opt for cheap travel packages and head for this dream destination (as the author of this article had opted for).


There are travel agents who are now buzzing around on the web world like a swarm of flies! Try you may, but you won’t succeed in shooing them away! After all, they tend to stick to you like Fevicol! But on the hindsight, it is a good thing since the genuine and reputed agencies always help you to save your money (as well as time and all those hassles you always apprehended quietly).

Bangkok being Bangkok will not disappoint you. Whether you are on a honeymoon or a family holiday, you can be sure that the malls, floating markets, museums and Buddhist temples of this destination would have you impressed in and out! If you want a dash of beach, then the exotic ones of Pattaya or Phuket are just a few hours away! Plus, these beaches do not cost you much when you ask them the cost of parasailing or scuba diving!

A Guide to Clubbing in Bangkok

Coming to Bangkok, there are a lot of good things (including good food and even better girls) waiting for you in the wings! Its nightlife is as good as the food they serve in the street stall which is as good as the cheap items they sell for throwaway prices at small shops. And the only hurdle to your trip would be money! But since affordable tour packages are easily available (as the author of this article has been trying to drill inside your head ever since he began writing the post), money shouldn’t be a hurdle, which amounts to the fact that there will be no hurdle at all eventually! So you can now shut down your computer and start to pack! Happy journey!


Best Disco Clubs In Tashkent: 3 Recommended Night Spots For Tourists

Tashkent which is the capital of Uzbekistan is enjoying increasing number of footfalls by foreign tourists these days! It is a city which epitomizes history on one hand and culture on the other! Plus, the fact that it has a shining side to it is another alluring facet to its mixed persona! So, its disco clubs and bars are giving us another top reason why we should all spend a holiday in this destination. Speaking of nightlife in Tashkent, one must admit that the city has got some great surprises waiting for you!

Tashkent Night Life


They are many clubs dispersed all over the town like the scattered seeds of beans! They serve eclectic cuisines with Asian and European cuisines dominating the table. Opt for a Chinese supper or for Russian meals or for some local snacks right from the backyard of the city- you will experience delight with each sip and bite you take

If you came here to get direct details of Tashkent’s best disco clubs, then you won’t return empty-handed. Here they are:

Fabrique: Situated at 1 A. Kodiriy Street, this is a popular night club which enjoys great music and serves authentic European dishes. It stays open from 10 pm till 5 am.

Diplomat: Nestled at Ovozi Street, Diplomat is an expensive club but one which will leave you begging for more. Be it the ambience or the neon lights or the foreplay of the teasing music or the Russian cuisines- everything about this club is just a ‘wow’ thing. The entry charges are 20000 sum.

Opera Night Club: It is located at 71 Sharaf Rashidov Street and stays open from 6 pm till 4 am. If you want to save money, then the happy hours between 6 pm and 11 pm would be recommended. This club will give you the experience of a lifetime. But there is a strict dress code. So better flip through all the Tashkent nightlife tips which you can find on the net.

4 Advantages Of A Beach Wedding In Mauritius

If you have already found your match and are dying to tie the knot, then why not do it on the beaches of Mauritius! The idea is far from being clichéd and has the novelty of a fairy tale setting! Plus, there are several other advantages (including financial ones) which would just compel you to head for that beach wedding we want you to try out.

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Here are the top 4 advantages of walking the aisle on the sandy shores of Mauritius:

  1. Gift a vacation to your loved ones: In a destination wedding as this one is inevitably going to be, you shall be undoubtedly serving all your guests a vacation they had been dreaming of but never dared to take because of reasons best known to them. (Just to remind you, tourism Mauritius packages from India are not that expensive after all)! So your marriage can be that perfect excuse which will make all your loved ones witness the beauty of this island!
  2. Save your bill: You know a wedding can be quite an expensive affair. But if you want to save on your marriage bill, then a beach wedding sounds quite a cheesy idea! Surely, your guests would be limited to your closest pals and relatives in a destination wedding! Thus, you will save a lot on food and on other expenses.
  3. Meet your guests personally: In a normal marriage, the hectic schedule and the plethoric numbers of guests do not permit you to greet each of them individually. But with a truncated guest list, you will enjoy a much more personalized experience on such a wedding.
  4. To experience romance: One can say with certainty about Mauritius tourism that this island offers you oodles of romance! What a joy it is to get married under the rays of the setting sun and with the sea waves singing carols to your nuptial ceremonies!

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So go ahead and grab your share of this fairy tale saga! The waves, the crimson sunrays and the whispering winds await you and your soon-to-be!

Watching Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore: Let your heart race in thrill

Formula 1 race is watched, rewatched and re-rewatched by men from all across the planet. There is something so exciting about this sport that even watching it on the idiot box can give you goose bumps! So, just imagine the wave of thrill you can experience if you are watching it live! Yes, that awesome feeling can be easily explored, provided you are game for a Singapore trip this September!

The Grand Prix is Singapore’s greatest sporting event and one that draws huge number of tourists and their incessant oohs and aahs! The event is held in September usually, but better check the dates before making the trip! There is an escalated demand for a tour package to Singapore during this month, but you better start browsing now, or else the cheap ones would be all taken!


The Singapore Grand Prix, as is the event called, is held on the famed Marina Bay Street Circuit! Tickets are available online and need to be bought in advance. If you can juxtapose your trip with this event, then your experience, no doubt, would be richer. There is just one downside, though a minor one! During the tournament, some roads are regulated stringently and the traffic movement can get a tad sluggish! However, if you are a fan of Formula 1, then these small little issues shouldn’t be even worth your attention!


Just in case you missed out on the tickets and are sulking big time, then there is an alternative for you! There are quite a few hotels which are sprawled by the path of the circuit! Most of them spring into action and offer special room packages to tourists who wish to watch the race from the windows! Fullerton, Pan Pacific and Fairmont are some of the popular hotels that make a lot of money through such an arrangement. It is a win-win situation for everyone! But you better look for the cheapest Singapore tour package, now that September is still some distance away!

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The World’s Most Extravagant Hotels

While the rest of us are busy bargain-searching trying to find affordable hotel rooms, there are the 1% who can afford to spend $10,000 on a single hotel room. Here are some of the world’s most extravagant hotel suites!

Seeing really is believing when it comes to the stunning hotels that Dubai has to offer. Whether it is the Burj Al Arab or the Shangri-La Hotel, there is no shortage of high-class hotels in Dubai. Be sure to try the stunning hotels Dubai has to offer.


The Burj Al Arab is considered to be one of the most extravagant hotels in Dubai. With personalized butler services, four swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) as well as a spa and healthclub, this is the very best of the best that money can buy. While you could always simply drive to the hotel, people who want to travel in style will choose the helicopter airport transfer service.

For a more traditional experience, Dubai’s Al Qasr hotel is a perfect fit. With a stunning design made to pay tribute to Arabian architectural styles, a traditional Arabic marketplace consisting of a variety of specialty shops and luxury rooms designed to mimic the typical residence of a Sheikh, this is the place to be.

Last but not least is the Bab Al Shams hotel which is made for the romantic at heart, home to a gorgeous view, tons of shaded courtyards and walkways as well as cool water features. Whether you’re travelling on your honeymoon or simply looking for romance in Dubai, this is a great place to be. The Bab Al Shams resort is situated near the desert to provide you with an authentic Dubai experience but don’t worry, all the luxuries you’d expect are still there.

Dubai isn’t the only place with stunning hotels though, you should check out the gorgeous hotels in central Paris. The Hôtel Bourg Tibourg is considered by most travellers to be one of the more romantic getaways in Paris. It is located on a quiet street and has a homey feel. While still relatively expensive, this is one of the cheaper options available in the city.

One cannot bring up high-class hotels in Paris without mentioning the Hôtel Ritz Paris. The Ritz is the most expensive hotel in all of Paris and for good reason. The thousands of dollars you would spend on a suite go to fund the priceless antique furniture in each room, the many “legendary” restaurants and the lavish swimming pool. If you have money to burn, be sure to come here!

You’ve already seen the many lavish hotels on Dubai and Paris but have you heard of the amazing Ritz Carlton in Moscow? It’s yet another stunning hotel only in Moscow. It features a world-class sushi bar so you can eat to your heart’s content, huge suites with stunning views and marble baths.

It would be impossible not to mention luxury hotels without mentioning London. Home to the famous Dorchester hotel, the Savoy and the Ritz, London offers some of the best hotel experiences for the rich and famous.  The Dorchester is a particular marvel, offering everything from an exclusive spa to a formal banquet.

Image source: WikiPedia

Top Ten Buys from Bali

The city of myriad cultures and house of deities, Bali plays host to thousands of tourists who flock here to breathe in the serene charm of the place. The spellbinding architectures and locales urge tourists to book lucrative packages for Bali every year. Bali has a unique collection of artifacts and handicrafts that will surely make its way into your boxes when you visit this city. The best ten purchases from this temple city are:

Wood Craving: Beautifully architecture wood carvings are seen adorning the houses and temples of Bali. The mythical stone and wood carvings placed outside the temples and houses are regarded as part of the Balinese culture. It is a must buy in Bali.

Wood Craving

Canvas: Canvas paintings have always been architecture’s favorite. The distinctive Balinese paintings reflect the Balinese take on modern culture while being attached to its root. It’s unique, and so is a must buy.

Batik: Inspired by Bali’s legends and myths, the batik, ikat and double ikat are one of the top sellers of the city. Various techniques of weaving are applied to produce spectacular colorful designs of cloth.

Batik Bali

Ceramics: Buy a variety of handmade ceramics that are crafted into unique shapes and glazes from special clays. This beautifully architecture ceramics are found in hotels, restaurants and houses across Asia.

Pets: If you are a pet lover then buy one from an exotic and unusual collection of birds, cats, dogs, and puppies from the Bird Market.

Jewellery: Bali has a great collection of exceptional rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories that cannot be found anywhere else.

Jewellery Bali

Clothes: Buy from the unusual clothing line that will set you apart from the commoners.

Masks: The Balinese masks are handmade, and shaped and colored into different figures.

Furniture: If you want to renovate your house then decorate your house with the exclusive Balinese furniture.

Pottery: Buy from a wide variety of potteries, shaped, molded, and colored into different forms.

Bali is a jewel for shopaholics. So without any further adieu, book Bali packages from India today, and fill your boxes with the unique Balinese collection.

Maldives honeymoon for vegetarian couple: Make love amidst leaves

Who said that vegetarians cannot survive in Maldives? Yes, it is true that the fish is the top dish on any menu, but there are plenty of vegetarian dishes as well! Besides, the island is a heavily frequented destination. There are many tourists (some even from western continents) who follow a leafy diet! So, most restaurants and hotels have something which is not meat and bone!

If you are a honeymooning couple, then you can check out some local restaurants where you can find dishes of your kind. The curry is one delicious thing which is meant for an herbivore and is definitely a must-have! Besides, most restaurant owners are amiable and compliant to the customer’s requests! If you insist on something of your custom choice, they may prepare it for you! Even at your hotel, the staffs will be ready with their services.


Maldives honeymoon packages usually put you in luxurious resorts where the restaurants do have good vegetarian dishes.

In case you are looking for an Indian restaurant, then the one that is very popular is Symphony! It is situated in the capital Male and has a number of vegetarian Indian dishes. Plus, its prices are reasonable and the décor is quite soothing. It stays open from 11 am till midnight on each day, excepting Friday (6 pm- midnight).

If you scour the internet, then you will find how the vegetarian tourists have happily approved of the cuisines available for them. I recently read an article where I learnt that a purely veg person has toured the country seven times and had nothing to complain about.


Of course, if you don’t eat seafood, then you do miss out on something really good! Maldives’ cuisines are definitely dominated by fishes, crabs and prawns. But that does not mean that leaves don’t grow in that region. So, herbivore or carnivore, you can put up a smile and start going through those yummy Maldives tour packages. Now, show me some excitement!