The Best Independent Theme Parks in the World

If you are part of a family who loves the thrills of a theme park ride and are looking for a holiday, then look no further than a trip to an independent theme park, which can offer the best in speed, adrenaline and family fun for all ages. While theme parks located close to home offer an excellent day out for the whole family, independent theme parks abroad provide an excellent entertainment option to enjoy whilst on holiday.

There is a good number of charming hotels in the centre of Chester which are ideal for families who are planning a break together. While exploring the city of Chester and the surrounding area, families will want to take the time to visit Gulliver’s World Resort with the kids. This family-run theme park offers a wide range of rides that are mostly aimed at children aged between two and thirteen years old. In addition to more than 90 different rides, Gulliver’s World Resort also provides special daily shows and other attractions that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Among the highlights here are pony rides, Gulliver’s Railroad, the large Pirate Ship and the Tractor Ride.

Drayton ManorDrayton Manor

Drayton Manor covers an impressive area of 280 acres of lakes and parkland and comes complete with a large number of thrilling rides. Drayton Manor is home to Apocalypse and Shockwave, which are unique rides where passengers stand up rather than being seated, making the rides even more thrilling! The popular water ride known as Stormforce 10 can also be found here as well as G-Force, a rollercoaster that reaches speeds of 70 kilometres an hour. Animal lovers will also want to stop by Drayton Manor Zoo, while Dinosaurland brings dinosaurs to life and is sure to be adored by the kids.

People who are planning to pay a visit to Drayton Manor can choose to stay overnight in Birmingham centre, where there are plenty of excellent accommodation options to choose from. Of course, this is also the perfect opportunity to explore the city of Birmingham and discover some of its world famous attractions.

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, make sure you add a visit to Dream World to your list of things to do. This impressive theme park is located on the outskirts of the capital city Bangkok and offers an excellent range of rides and other activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Dream World offers a fantastic range of rides for people of all ages and among the most popular are the aerial cable car that runs from one end of the park to the other, which visitors can find the Giant’s House, White Water Rapids and the Haunted House. Children of all ages are also sure to enjoy visiting Snow Town, which is a winter wonderland created inside a chilled room where they have the chance to get into snowball fights and take toboggan rides down a specially made snow-covered hill.

Berjaya Times Square

Berjaya Times Square

The Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur is home to the world’s largest indoor theme park, namely Berjaya Times Square. There are plenty of rides for younger children here as well as a large rollercoaster and this is a great place to keep the kids entertained while enjoying a shopping spree in the enormous 13-storey shopping centre.

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