The Spectacular Esplanade Building in Singapore

It is in the nature of a traveler to explore different flavors of life, the treasures scattered in the varied corners of the earth. The one change that is constant in this world is art; hence art lovers travel to every remote corner of the world to be a part of this beautiful change. Singapore is one country that boasts of its great architectural beauty. A Singapore tourism guide will help you explore the vital archaistic beauty of this country, one such being the Esplanade.


The first place an art lover needs to check out in Singapore is the Esplanade. The Esplanade is designed in the shape of a round ‘durian’ dome that is called ‘feminine’ by some architecture. The building is referred to as ‘durian’ after the durian fruit that resembles the shape of a dome and gives off spiky look. Inaugurated in the year 2002, it has been the world’s busiest arts centers since then. Housed near the Marina Bay the building is built on a giant riverside land, close to the Singapore River. It is divided into two similar pieces of round-shaped figures. It is basically an art center, promoting all sorts of arts. This giant building was set up for five different purposes. It houses a performing arts theatre that seats two-thousand people, numerous recital rooms, a concert hall that can fill up to sixteen-hundred people and a rehearsal studio. It has a huge library on the 3rd floor and other centers for performing outdoor activities. Also housed on the 3rd floor is the food and retail space for dining and shopping. The 4th floor houses an open space. Art lovers crowd this place to watch a vast variety of local and international events ranging from dances to Broadway musicals. Thousands of art lovers visit Singapore to witness the treasures of this spell-binding building. At night one can see couples walking around the outer space of the building as the watersides create an ideal romantic ambience. The building is designed in such a way that it can be viewed beautifully from the top also.


If you are an art lover just grab your computer and book online holiday packages from India to this awe-inspiring and unpredictable country today.

Image Source: WikiPedia


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