Goa For A Gang Of Girls: A Tale Of Beaches, Bikinis And Beers

Who said Goa is just a place for boys? Sure, guys love to check out the blonde foreign chics clad in itsy bitsy pieces on the hot beaches! But this place also has a lot to offer to a gang of girls!

Yup! A Goa tour would be like a week-long all-girls night! You can gossip endlessly; you can run on the sandy beaches with just bikinis on your body and no parent to raise their eyebrow; you can giggle with the sea, let the wind tease your hemlines, and permit the sun to kiss your cheeks!

With beaches, backwaters, lakes and lagoons, Goa is a dream for anyone- be it a gang of girls or a girl on her own (after all, why should boys have all the fun. We agree with Priyanka Chopra for once)!

Talking of the best things to do in Goa– you should check out as many beaches as possible (and there are around 40 of them, mind it)! You should also drop by at the heritage sites (the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa is a must-visit)! Do not forget to check out the spa parlors and pamper your body with Ayurvedic massage! Being a girl, you would love it!

Awie, the shopping bit we forgot! Girls love Goa for another reason! Goa’s markets, especially the Saturday Night Bazaar, are a loveable place! You can also check out the Flea Market on Anjuna Beach every Wednesday!

Do not miss out on the Silent Noise Party (usually takes place on selected beaches at evening)! Nightlife is quite good in this part of the country. If there is a foodie lurking within you, you can promise her a fabulous time (do visit restaurants like La Plage and Thalassa)! And for the night owls, Goa serves casinos and beer bars in bucketfuls.

Plus, since this trip won’t be financed by your boyfriend, you can check out the budget tour packages! No, we are not forcing you to buy them. Just check it once and then you can frown if you so want


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