Where To Stay In Dubai: Some Luxurious And Budget Options For Tourists

Dubai is Dubai- there is no competition to it! With a 7-star hotel (Burj Al Arab) and the highest manmade landmark (Burj Al Khalifa) in its kitty, it can win that travel trophy without any glitch! Gold shops, malls and some splendid beaches aside, it is also a highly accessible destination, a fact that is attested by high footfalls! And since Dubai holiday packages are so easily and cheaply available, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be making a trip this season!


Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Now, when you are in Dubai, you won’t have to worry about the accommodation! There are enough roofs under which you can get a secure shelter! All you have to do is to count your money and make a choice! If you are rich (and I mean RICH), then the best option would be the 7-star property which I extolled earlier (yes, that Burj Al Arab)!

But if you are a modest traveler, then do not gulp! There are plenty of other 3-star hotels which are great and still quite cheap! A few budget hotels would be Hyatt Regency, Movenpick Hotel Deira, Capitol Hotel and Coral Oriental. These are pretty luxurious but the tariffs are lower.

The Ritz Carlton is another coveted and popular hotel which will be pricey (so, just skip this para if you are short of cash)! It is a salubriously located resort and would serve you with every facility you can conceive of. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is another option if you are planning to stay beside the beach. There, you can also dig into some beach sports and do everything else you want to do!

If your budget is really low (aw, poor you), then try booking a room at Dream Palace Hotel or Holiday Inn. They are very pocket-friendly and meant for people like me  L

Alternately, you can buy cheap Dubai packages from a trusted website and let the travel planner put you in a good hotel.

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3 thoughts on “Where To Stay In Dubai: Some Luxurious And Budget Options For Tourists

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  2. I have stayed in Burj Al Arab, Dubai and all I can say is…..WOW! Its the best hotel I think I have ever stayed in. The Ritz Carlton also looked very good although I did not stay there

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