Shopping in Tashkent: Some popular malls and bazaars you must visit

Tashkent is a great place for a shopper to be in. The capital of Uzbekistan is home to some dazzling shopping malls which are brilliantly coalesced with traditional bazaars. Thus, if you are in the mood to step into the glitzy malls, you can very well do so! On the other hand, if you wish to get a bit more intimate with the culture, then the traditional bazaars are what we would recommend.

Nightlife in Tashkent gets a huge boost from those gargantuan malls. They may not be as large as their counterparts in Dubai, but they are definitely huge and stocky (and exciting)! Some of the most prominent shopping malls and complexes of the town are:

–          Central Department Store

–          Kontinent

–          Hamid Alimdjan Square

–          Mega Planet Shopping Mall

–          Tashkent Shopping Centre

–          Poytaxt Shopping Centre

–          Zarafshan Shopping Centre

These complexes house a number of retail stores and food outlets. So, you can shop, eat or just poke at the shopping bags of your fellow tourists.


Prices are usually fixed at those malls and it can seem quite churlish if one haggles. So, to enjoy the pleasures of bargaining, better head for the bazaars! These roadside markets offer a much more personal experience and allow you to literally fight with the vendor for the price. Besides, it is a delight to handpick goods and souvenirs and to scour through people of local ethnicity.

Some popular Tashkent bazaars are:

–          Askia Farmer’s Market

–          Alay Bazaar

–          Bek Baraka Wholesale market

–          Chorsu bazaar (a must-visit)

–          Farhad Farmer’s Market

–          Chilanzar Clothes Market

–          Karavan Bazaar

–          Koyluk Wholesale Market

At these places, you can dig into fruits, hunt for souvenirs and buy little odd everyday trinkets. One of the best Tashkent nightlife tips would be to arm yourself with a camera. You will really love the historic scent of nostalgia emanating from these quaint markets.


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