What all to buy in Bangkok: Things that will make a shopaholic salivate

Bangkok has always been the shopping domain and draws shopaholics from every part of the world. It is one of those cities which let you shop to your heart’s core, irrespective of whether you are a rich man or a poor man (though you can’t be that poor, if you are on a foreign tour)! But with those cheap Bangkok packages which are being thrown at us these days by those awesome holiday planners (I just love them), it is quite possible even for a poor to enjoy a Bangkok tour.


Nevertheless, coming to the shopping bit, there are plenty of things you can buy. This city can shower you with anything right from electronics to fruits to clothes to flipflops! If you are in need of cheap apparels or footwear, then head to Chinatown! Those roadside vendors sell you some really cool-looking things at prices that would suit you! Yes, they may not be branded but they can be delightfully cheap! Besides, one can never get enough of those cheap DVDs (who knows you might be on a movie-watching marathon next month)!


They also sell Rolex watches at prices which would give the owner of Rolex a nightmare! They are really cheap, but that’s coz they are not authentic (but who cares)! Among other things you can get cheap in Bangkok, we have costume jewelry, Thai silk and computers & accessories!

In case you are brand-conscious, then you should head to Orchard Road. It has a bunch of top retail stores where the shopkeepers sell you those ‘branded’ things at ‘branded’ prices (so, don’t expect prices of Chinatown at this site)!


Antiques can also be bought, if you so insist! But every tourist must get a souvenir just for the sake of memories (even if you don’t want to splurge, you can get a cheap one easily)!

So, now that you have read the whole post and seemingly enjoyed it, you may also like to buy these Bangkok tour packages. Yes, we know you will, coz how else do you expect to go to that city?

Image Source: Wikipedia


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