Wherever You May Rome: Family Friendly Vacation Spots for Catholics

The beauty of God can be found all across the world; it is only a matter of looking. But where are some truly wonderful places or programs that can provide you with experiences that you won’t find anywhere else? Here are just a few family focused vacation opportunities and spots for any of God’s children.


That Vatican Vacation

Vacationing Catholic families can’t miss the Vatican! An entire city located within Rome and Italy, a visit to the Vatican nearly guarantees time touring Rome as well. Not only can you sit in an audience with the Pope on certain days, but you’ll also find an assortment of museums, gardens and churches (among the most grand and massive in the world) to see. In fact, you can even take Catholic mass inside the Roman Pantheon if you wish.


In addition to the Vatican, the surrounding area offers many things to do. You’ll find a number of Vatican tours to lead you along, and restaurants with cuisine you’ve never experienced. Florence, Venice, and Milan all cherish a rich Catholic history too—why not extend your stay and see Cathedral Square and The Last Supper?

Catholic Volunteer Network

If you find yourself more interested in seeing the Italian countryside by volunteering, the Catholic Volunteer Network provides a massive database (which provides information regarding meal and lodging provisions) of various organizations trying to collect members for volunteer work in all parts of the world. By donating your time, you can travel within the United States or internationally on behalf of a number of organizations and, depending on the program, travel as a family or group.


Spanish Missions of California

If you’re interested in a pilgrimage that moves through 21 missions along the coast of California, this might be the trek for you! These missions were originally built so early settlers could spread Catholic faith to Native Americans living in the west and now offer beautiful monuments to history, museums, festivals, masses, and musical performances. This vacation is great because it can be tailored to fit your needs and timeframe—you could choose to spend a month driving from mission to mission, or take a bus to just a few.

By visiting these missions, you’ll gain a more complete knowledge of earlier times in Catholic tradition while seeing remnants of early western civilization and Native American culture along California’s beautiful coast.

Sarah Murphy has worked in Dublin for the last two years as a blogger, web content manager and marketing coordinator. A journalist by training and traveler by nature, she frequently travels to Italy for the business and pleasure of a Vatican Tour, where she mostly spends her time pretending to be a Cardinal.

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