The World’s Most Extravagant Hotels

While the rest of us are busy bargain-searching trying to find affordable hotel rooms, there are the 1% who can afford to spend $10,000 on a single hotel room. Here are some of the world’s most extravagant hotel suites!

Seeing really is believing when it comes to the stunning hotels that Dubai has to offer. Whether it is the Burj Al Arab or the Shangri-La Hotel, there is no shortage of high-class hotels in Dubai. Be sure to try the stunning hotels Dubai has to offer.


The Burj Al Arab is considered to be one of the most extravagant hotels in Dubai. With personalized butler services, four swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) as well as a spa and healthclub, this is the very best of the best that money can buy. While you could always simply drive to the hotel, people who want to travel in style will choose the helicopter airport transfer service.

For a more traditional experience, Dubai’s Al Qasr hotel is a perfect fit. With a stunning design made to pay tribute to Arabian architectural styles, a traditional Arabic marketplace consisting of a variety of specialty shops and luxury rooms designed to mimic the typical residence of a Sheikh, this is the place to be.

Last but not least is the Bab Al Shams hotel which is made for the romantic at heart, home to a gorgeous view, tons of shaded courtyards and walkways as well as cool water features. Whether you’re travelling on your honeymoon or simply looking for romance in Dubai, this is a great place to be. The Bab Al Shams resort is situated near the desert to provide you with an authentic Dubai experience but don’t worry, all the luxuries you’d expect are still there.

Dubai isn’t the only place with stunning hotels though, you should check out the gorgeous hotels in central Paris. The Hôtel Bourg Tibourg is considered by most travellers to be one of the more romantic getaways in Paris. It is located on a quiet street and has a homey feel. While still relatively expensive, this is one of the cheaper options available in the city.

One cannot bring up high-class hotels in Paris without mentioning the Hôtel Ritz Paris. The Ritz is the most expensive hotel in all of Paris and for good reason. The thousands of dollars you would spend on a suite go to fund the priceless antique furniture in each room, the many “legendary” restaurants and the lavish swimming pool. If you have money to burn, be sure to come here!

You’ve already seen the many lavish hotels on Dubai and Paris but have you heard of the amazing Ritz Carlton in Moscow? It’s yet another stunning hotel only in Moscow. It features a world-class sushi bar so you can eat to your heart’s content, huge suites with stunning views and marble baths.

It would be impossible not to mention luxury hotels without mentioning London. Home to the famous Dorchester hotel, the Savoy and the Ritz, London offers some of the best hotel experiences for the rich and famous.  The Dorchester is a particular marvel, offering everything from an exclusive spa to a formal banquet.

Image source: WikiPedia


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