Watching Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore: Let your heart race in thrill

Formula 1 race is watched, rewatched and re-rewatched by men from all across the planet. There is something so exciting about this sport that even watching it on the idiot box can give you goose bumps! So, just imagine the wave of thrill you can experience if you are watching it live! Yes, that awesome feeling can be easily explored, provided you are game for a Singapore trip this September!

The Grand Prix is Singapore’s greatest sporting event and one that draws huge number of tourists and their incessant oohs and aahs! The event is held in September usually, but better check the dates before making the trip! There is an escalated demand for a tour package to Singapore during this month, but you better start browsing now, or else the cheap ones would be all taken!


The Singapore Grand Prix, as is the event called, is held on the famed Marina Bay Street Circuit! Tickets are available online and need to be bought in advance. If you can juxtapose your trip with this event, then your experience, no doubt, would be richer. There is just one downside, though a minor one! During the tournament, some roads are regulated stringently and the traffic movement can get a tad sluggish! However, if you are a fan of Formula 1, then these small little issues shouldn’t be even worth your attention!


Just in case you missed out on the tickets and are sulking big time, then there is an alternative for you! There are quite a few hotels which are sprawled by the path of the circuit! Most of them spring into action and offer special room packages to tourists who wish to watch the race from the windows! Fullerton, Pan Pacific and Fairmont are some of the popular hotels that make a lot of money through such an arrangement. It is a win-win situation for everyone! But you better look for the cheapest Singapore tour package, now that September is still some distance away!

Image Source: wikipedia


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