4 Advantages Of A Beach Wedding In Mauritius

If you have already found your match and are dying to tie the knot, then why not do it on the beaches of Mauritius! The idea is far from being clichéd and has the novelty of a fairy tale setting! Plus, there are several other advantages (including financial ones) which would just compel you to head for that beach wedding we want you to try out.

Image Source: olharmoderno.com

Image Source: olharmoderno.com

Here are the top 4 advantages of walking the aisle on the sandy shores of Mauritius:

  1. Gift a vacation to your loved ones: In a destination wedding as this one is inevitably going to be, you shall be undoubtedly serving all your guests a vacation they had been dreaming of but never dared to take because of reasons best known to them. (Just to remind you, tourism Mauritius packages from India are not that expensive after all)! So your marriage can be that perfect excuse which will make all your loved ones witness the beauty of this island!
  2. Save your bill: You know a wedding can be quite an expensive affair. But if you want to save on your marriage bill, then a beach wedding sounds quite a cheesy idea! Surely, your guests would be limited to your closest pals and relatives in a destination wedding! Thus, you will save a lot on food and on other expenses.
  3. Meet your guests personally: In a normal marriage, the hectic schedule and the plethoric numbers of guests do not permit you to greet each of them individually. But with a truncated guest list, you will enjoy a much more personalized experience on such a wedding.
  4. To experience romance: One can say with certainty about Mauritius tourism that this island offers you oodles of romance! What a joy it is to get married under the rays of the setting sun and with the sea waves singing carols to your nuptial ceremonies!

Image Source: WikiPedia

So go ahead and grab your share of this fairy tale saga! The waves, the crimson sunrays and the whispering winds await you and your soon-to-be!


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