Best Disco Clubs In Tashkent: 3 Recommended Night Spots For Tourists

Tashkent which is the capital of Uzbekistan is enjoying increasing number of footfalls by foreign tourists these days! It is a city which epitomizes history on one hand and culture on the other! Plus, the fact that it has a shining side to it is another alluring facet to its mixed persona! So, its disco clubs and bars are giving us another top reason why we should all spend a holiday in this destination. Speaking of nightlife in Tashkent, one must admit that the city has got some great surprises waiting for you!

Tashkent Night Life


They are many clubs dispersed all over the town like the scattered seeds of beans! They serve eclectic cuisines with Asian and European cuisines dominating the table. Opt for a Chinese supper or for Russian meals or for some local snacks right from the backyard of the city- you will experience delight with each sip and bite you take

If you came here to get direct details of Tashkent’s best disco clubs, then you won’t return empty-handed. Here they are:

Fabrique: Situated at 1 A. Kodiriy Street, this is a popular night club which enjoys great music and serves authentic European dishes. It stays open from 10 pm till 5 am.

Diplomat: Nestled at Ovozi Street, Diplomat is an expensive club but one which will leave you begging for more. Be it the ambience or the neon lights or the foreplay of the teasing music or the Russian cuisines- everything about this club is just a ‘wow’ thing. The entry charges are 20000 sum.

Opera Night Club: It is located at 71 Sharaf Rashidov Street and stays open from 6 pm till 4 am. If you want to save money, then the happy hours between 6 pm and 11 pm would be recommended. This club will give you the experience of a lifetime. But there is a strict dress code. So better flip through all the Tashkent nightlife tips which you can find on the net.


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