The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

After a cheerful engagement the first question that pops up in the mind of the couples is which place they should choose to make their honeymoon as special as their partner. You search for a place that offers seclusion, romantic ambience and isolation from rest of the world. One such destination is the breathtaking Europe. The best 3 honeymoon destinations in Europe are:


Italy: Newlyweds who wish to amalgamate pilgrimage and pleasure in one trip should choose Italy as their honeymoon destination. Rome, Milan, and Vatican are the three must visit cities in Italy.  Rome is a city of archaeological wonders. Bellagio is another town in the country that is regarded as the prettiest town of Europe. Witness the sophisticated culture of Florence, and the stunning historical and romantic beauty of Rome.

Italy Honeymoon

Paris: There is not even a tinge of doubt that Paris is the romance capital of France.  It is the most romantic destination in the whole of Europe, and even online websites offers best honeymoon packages for a visit to this little paradise. If you are an adventurous couple, then spend some of your precious moments at the village – Cap d’Agde that is dedicated to naturism or nudism. Even the remotest corners of Paris shower vibes of romance. So walk out of your hotel room holding your partner’s hand, and let your temptations take over you.  A must visit in the city is the romantic Louvre of the L’arc de Triomphe. Also take a walk along the stunning Eiffel Tower, and capture the precious moments in your camera

Paris Honeymoon

Switzerland: If you wish to spend your honeymoon amidst the snowy mountains and Alps, then choose the picturesque Switzerland.  Apart from the snowy mountains and landscapes there are other places as well that are worth exploring. Visit the magnificent Nestle Food Museum, the Olympic Museum and the Chillon castle. Bring smile to your partner’s face by shopping in one of Geneva’s exquisite boutiques. Also, the largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is adorned with breathtaking locales and natural beauty, and is considered as a traveler’s paradise. Switzerland is a skiing heaven, so better bring your skiing equipment and winter clothes with you to avoid the extra cost of renting.

Switzerland Honeymoon

Special holiday packages are available online to make a honeymoon even more special. So, better grab the exciting deals now before someone else grabs them!

Top 5 Activities To Do In Goa For Honeymoon

The bewitching city-state of Goa lures thousands of tourists every year to explore its pristine sandy beaches, breathtaking natural splendor, and splendid archaeological brilliance. The seductive locales of this haven offer an idyllic romantic ambience, privacy and seclusion to the newlyweds. Hence, they book exciting honeymoon packages in Goa to explore its natural beauty and beauty of their partners. The top 5 activities for honeymooners to do in Goa are:

Walking tour of Goa: Holding your partner’s hand, take a stroll along the quiet villages, and embrace the calmness and subtlety of your surroundings. Bear witness to the Portuguese-styled houses, old churches and Victorian- fashioned buildings in Panaji, explore the Portuguese cathedrals and chapels, and archaic beauty of the Hindu temples in Ponda.

Walking tour of Goa

Latin Quarter of Fontainhas: Nestled near the Panjim city is the centuries old neighborhood of Fonhainhas that is the home to The Mitaroy. It is the home of the last surviving Portuguese families of Goa, and is labeled as a UNESCO Heritage Zone. Romance flickers in the narrow streets and houses of the Fontainhas, and shop at the designer Portuguese boutiques.

Cruise on the Mondovi River: Cruising along the Mondovi River is another romantic way to spend your honeymoon. Dance and sing with your partner along with the musicians on the cruise, and indulge in the flavors of scrumptious Goan delicacies. A good Goa tourism guide will enable you to choose between the sunset, sun-down and moonlit cruise.

Cruise on the Mondovi River Goa

Walk on the Beach: Taking a stroll on the seductive beaches, hand-in-hand with your partner is the most idyllic way to romance. The white sand and rustling sound of the lustrous waves ignites the romantic quotient of a newlywed.

Walking on Beach - Goa honeymoon

Explore Goa’s Wildlife: If you are adventurous and an animal-lover, then head over to the city’s wildlife sanctuaries. The Cotigao wildlife sanctuary in Canacona, Bondla zoo and Mollem wildlife sanctuary offers a great wildlife excursion and the facilities of accommodation as well.

Book honeymoon packages in Goa today if you want to have an uninterrupted romantic trip with your partner.

Visiting Goa In Winter Holidays For Kids: Best Way To Make Your Child Happy

Now that winter is not much far away, we thought it would be great to plan a holiday for you. If you haven’t been to Goa yet, then there is no better place than this state to spend your holiday. Your kids will be raring to go somewhere the moment their winter vacations begin. And Goa does have some amazing places and attractions to keep them completely satisfied (and the kids of today are not easy to satisfy, mind it).

There are several things to do in Goa for kids. The beaches are all awesome and offer a truck load of fun. Your children can run about, splash water, play football, build sand castles or enjoy sports like banana boating, speed boating, parasailing, wind surfing and the likes. Though Goa also offers snorkeling and scuba diving and a myriad other sports, if your kid is too small, then he or she may not be allowed to try some of them.


But, the kids of today love those malls which have swanky parlors and indoor gaming arenas. You can do bowling in Goa; you can even take part in some dancing sessions or you can go go-karting in south Goa.

Wildlife is another option which you can happily explore. Children never get tired of animals. And Goa has 4-5 wildlife sanctuaries including Salim Ali Bird Park and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary.


There are forts where your children will feel so liberated (like a runaway pirate who has spotted some hidden treasure) and there are markets which your child would love if it is a female (age doesn’t matter).

However, winter season is the most sought-after time to visit Goa. So, you must make all your bookings in advance. Be ready to shell out extra tariffs. However, special holiday packages should offer some reprieve.

Dining In The Arabian Desert: An Experience Of A Lifetime

Have you ever dined in a desert? Forget about that- have you even thought of such a possibility? Okay, have you even been to any desert ever?

No na! So, why not take a tour of Dubai, which is a weird destination since it serves you beaches as well as deserts! Now how cool it is! The Arabian Desert lies in the vicinity and it is here that you can have the fun of your life. You can ride a camel and just gape at the long stretch of sand. You can observe the sand dunes (which can shift at a surprising pace if the wind is strong), and you can even spot a mirage (if you are lucky).

Special holiday packages are churned out so that now tourists can have a more enriched experience. So, be prepared to have dinner in camps and small makeshift eateries! The trend is to enjoy meals with the desert as the background and with a folk dance in progress. Some tour operators even arrange international dancers and those delicious-looking belly dancers who will shake their way to your…errr…heart!

So you can dig into local cuisines or the kind of meals which you are used to (Don’t worry, they won’t serve you camel meat)!

There are many fun activities which one can do at those camps or makeshift eateries (whatever you call them). There are tattoo artists who will do a mehandi tattoo on your hands, palms, forearms or anywhere you insist.

People often look for sightseeing places in Dubai for kids. Even though there is the Indoor skiing and the Aquarium and the famed Wild Wadi Park, the Arabian Desert will offer a completely unique and fresh experience. So this is what we recommend!

You can even plan an overnight stay at the place for nominal charges. However, there would be sand everywhere around you. So, if you are a very hygiene conscious person or are allergic to dust, then stay away from this expedition.

Touring Together: Italy for Families

Sarah Murphy has worked in Dublin for the last two years as a blogger, web content manager and marketing coordinator. A journalist by training and travel junkie by nature, she regularly travels to Italy for both business and to experience some of the Rome tours, where she mostly spends her time in search of the perfect gelato.

Italy is home to romantic landscapes and unforgettable art and food. Most may think it is the ideal spot for a romantic getaway, which is certainly true, but it is also a great place for the whole family. Italy has the perfect mix of history, charm, and relaxation to please everyone in your family.

For the History Buffs:

Explore Milan, where the kiddos can learn all about Leonardo da Vinci. Here you will get a good mix of art, science, and history, perfect when your family has different interests. Visit the National Museum of Science and Technology to see models of Leonardo’s designs, or view The Last Supper in the Santa Maria della Grazie church, just be sure to get tickets in advance, as it is a very popular sight!

Credit: Stuck in Customs

Credit: Stuck in Customs

Explore the ancient city of Pompeii with the family. Wander around the ancient Roman streets for a few hours and tour the ruins of the city with a guide to learn about its history. Don’t forget the sunscreen, as there is very little shade!

For the Active Family:

If you happen to be in the central region of Italy, bike through the walled city of Lucca. Walled cities have very little traffic, so it is much safer for young ones. There are a number of places to rent bikes and you can either take a guided tour or wander around the neighborhoods and piazzas at your own pace, which is perfect when you are biking with children.

Credit: Stuck in Customs

Credit: Stuck in Customs

Check out the oval Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, which was built on the remains of an ancient Roman amphitheater and bike down the charming narrow streets of old town. And of course, be sure to take a break with pizza and gelato!

For the Laid Back Family:

Stay on a farm, or agriturismo, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With young kids this is the perfect way to recharge and slow down for a bit after several days of sightseeing. Agriturismo are scattered throughout the countryside and vary from rustic to luxurious, so you are sure to find a perfect relaxing getaway for your family’s needs and budget.

Credit: Valentina_A

Credit: Valentina_A

You and your children can get a real glimpse into the life of an Italian farmer, which is a great educational experience for the young ones without dragging them through countless museums. Often you’ll be able to pick the food you will eat for dinner, help out on the farm, and meet the animals that live there. Many also have a pool and playground for the kiddos.

For the Adventurous Family:

The young ones may greatly appreciate a day off from churches and museums. Rimini is home to a ‘Italia in Minitura’ which allows your young ones to explore and learn about Italy at their eye level. Among lush greenery and miniature real trees, there are over 270 scaled down architectural and landscape wonders from throughout Italy and Europe.

From learning to farm in the countryside to biking through a charming walled-city to walking through the stone paths of Pompeii, Italy is an enriching experience for the whole family. Depending on your family’s interests and lifestyle, you are sure to find the perfect vacation.

5 Luxury Trips You Can Afford: From Barbados To Maldives

Luxury trips may appear something which is not meant for you. But in today’s internet-driven era, a luxury is not necessarily expensive. There are cheap tour packages which are conjured up at the drop of a hat. As long as you are willing to travel, and capable of paying a modest sum, you can reach out to destinations which you thought were out of your reach.

Here are 5 luxury trips which you can really afford:

Istanbul: Istanbul is not a bad place. Its history, ruins, landscape and bazaars will offer you a different kind of a paradise. Besides, since it is not amongst the most sought-after destinations, it is hugely cheap. You can stay at the best of hotels and still walk out with your wallet nearly full. Istanbul is also a great place if you wish to explore a foreign culture.

Cruise ship and Seabus in Istanbul

Barbados: Barbados may be far away but it is a luxury trip which you can surely afford. The flight tariffs are moderate, the hotel rates are manageable and the sightseeing and meal expenses are quite low. Barbados trip will give you that mesmeric and memorable experience which every sea-lover yearns for.

Thailand: Thailand is quite cheap because it is a tourist-friendly country. Most of its attractions and water sports are cheaper than you would have bargained for. The cost of traveling and accommodation is also relatively low. Cheap holiday packages to Thailand are easy to find online.

Ayutthaya Thailand

Singapore: Going to Singapore will give you the chance to say hello to beaches and to explore the myriad attractions. From Jurong Bird Park to Underwater World to Chinatown, Singapore has got everything. Oh, and the packages are really affordable!

singapore flyer

Maldives: Just head to Maldives for that great feeling (of being in a tropical paradise). The experience of mingling with the turquoise sea and flirting with underwater creatures would leave you shaken, stirred and satisfied. World tour packages often include Maldives for the economy it comes with.

The Best Parties In Goa: From Palolem Beach to Tito’s

Goa is a place for a party animal. So, if you are a reserved kind of a person who stays miles away from parties, then a Goa trip is going to change all that. You will surely revel in your new avatar since the parties which are staged in this state are quite unique and unworldly.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Take for instance the ‘Silent Noise Party’ (SNP) which is held on beaches like the Palolem. Palolem Beach is a small and relatively unpopular beach. It is rocky albeit a swimming-friendly beach. Its biggest USP is this SNP which is a unique concept that also brings down noise pollution.

When you leaf through your Goa tourism guide, you shall find that Vagator Beach is peeping out of the page, wheedling you to step foot on its soil where some weird and fun-filled parties are regularly held. This beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa. Its crowd is a nice mix of Indians and Europeans. So, you get to have that unique feel in this corner. Partying on this beach would be akin to gelling with different cultures and shaking your leg with an alien one.


If you are seeking clubs and pubs, then Goa has more to offer than you can chew. There is this Club Fresh at Candolim. This club has notched up several awards for its unique ambience and electrifying atmosphere. With firemen exhibiting their skills and a heady dance floor ready for your foot-tapping moments, this club is a place you don’t want to miss.

The Tito’s at Baga is another club whose popularity is matched by none. It is a traditional favorite and chances are that even your parents must have serenaded at this place during their honeymooning days.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Tourism in Goa is at an all-time high. Its nightlife is fabulous and the state knows how to keep party bums like you satisfied.