Jaipur’s Daal Baati Choorma: The Must-Eat Specialty Dish Of Rajasthan

Jaipur and the entire Rajasthan should be credited for keeping some of the traditional Indian dishes still alive (and kicking)! You and your posh kids may have gotten used to licking off the extra cheese toppings from the pizzas in your metro city. But when you are holidaying in Rajasthan, then just make sure to give your taste buds the pleasure of some saccharine dishes which are not merely delicious but are chastely Indian!

One of the most notable dishes which is also the postcard meal of tourism in Jaipur (albeit unofficially) is the daal baati choorma. It is an extremely sweet dish, one which is going to make your eyes dance in glee and one which is going to send your calorie control stats out for a toss.

daal baati choorma

There are different varieties of this dish (with small subtle differences) but basically it is a sugary wheat product stuffed with ghee and served with hot daal. It is a dish which will satisfy the urges and needs of your bellies completely. So don’t take it lightly since it is a heavy meal which you can order for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

daal baati choorma 1

There are many eateries and restaurants where you can find this dish. Since Daal baati choorma is the specialty of the state, almost every major restaurant will be able to serve you with it. Still, you should try the LMB which is one of the most notable eateries in Jaipur. It is located at Johri Bazaar which is one of the favorite haunts of a shopper and is quite close to the popular landmark of Hawa Mahal. Some other eateries where you can find delicious daal baati choorma are Santosh, Shri Shankar, Thali House and Tilam Sangh.

Alternatively, you can flip through a Jaipur tourism guide and find out the names of the restaurants situated near your hotels. It is unlikely that any of them won’t be serving you this specialty dish.


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