Ski Resorts In Switzerland You Can Afford

Skiing and Switzerland go hand in hand. They are affixed to each other like two lovers whose fates are sealed by destiny and they cannot simply survive without each other. So when you are in Switzerland, you are likely to bump into scores and hundreds of resorts where you can try out skiing. However, not all the skiing resorts are pocket-friendly and this article is a tribute to all those poor friends of mine who are looking for a way to ski their heart to delight without emptying their scanty wallets.

Skiing Switzerland

Arosa is a young ski resort which is quite affordable and is hence preferable to anyone who does not have the luxuries of splurging. Tourism Switzerland packages often recommend budget-friendly tourists to book this resort where you can ski in beautiful landscape and enjoy fine meals of mixed cuisines. It is a perfect family-oriented resort which will satisfy you on all counts.

Arosa ski resort Switzerland

Grindelwald (does the name ring a bell) is another skiing resort which is quite popular for more reasons than one. It is not just a decently priced skiing resort and is quite a modern place for entertainment, it is a much-loved place amidst young people simply because of the fact that it is named after a character from the famed Harry Potter series of books. True to the expectations, Grindelwald has some pleasant surprises for children as well as grown-ups.

Grindelwald Ski Resort Switzerland

Verbier is another skiing resort which is very popular. It may not be the most affordable one for you, but if you can squeeze this one into your budget, then do not miss out on it. Its slopes, nightlife and food are extremely indulgent.

You are also advised to purchase a Switzerland tourism guide which will give you handy info about all the ski resorts with full details including address and phone numbers.


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