Goan Music And Feni: Two Local Flavors You Cannot Afford To Miss

When you go for a holiday in Goa, do take time out to listen to some local music. Goan music is a class apart and stands out because of its deep-rooted tradition and local flavor. There is a hint of strong western influence in Goan music since the state was trodden by Portuguese, Dutch and the British for a long time. The music which flows in the veins of Goa is quintessentially Indo-western. Yet it has originality and a uniqueness which is exclusive to Goa.

Goan Music

Goan Music

If you have watched some of the Bollywood capers which are set in this state, you will come across songs which are directly or indirectly influenced by Goan music. For instance, some of the songs of Shahrukh Khan-starrer ‘Josh’ have that feel. There is a sweetness, a chastity and a laidback feel in the state’s music.


As for the feni, it is a popular drink which goes hand in hand with the Goan music. There is no better joy than to tune into a local song and drink yourself to intoxication with a bottle of feni. Feni is an alcoholic drink and so you should drink it only if you are of the drinking age. Do not let your child or your teenager son get hold of it, since one can very quickly get intoxicated only after a few sips of this heavily fermented juice. However, if you are an adult and know how to impose self-control, then do make sure to have a go at it during the trip.


Goa best time to visit: Goa, though is a friendly destination which can be visited anytime of the year, is most visited during the winter. Best time to visit Goa India is between the months of December and February when the festivities and carnivals are at their peak. However, the hotels and flights can cost you a lot more during this season than they would during the remaining portion of the year.


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