Everybody Can Go To Thailand- Including Your Maid And Milkman

Everybody can go to Thailand or can they? I mean your maid may not be able to make that trip even though the cheap tour packages are so affordable that I am not quite sure of this claim! But on second thoughts, that maid of yours may still be able to make the trip, given the amount of money the maids of today make every month! As for your chauffeur, your milkman, your office peon and your gardener- they too can make the trip, if you raise their salaries generously or if you are willing to take them all along with you for a wholesome family trip!

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

So, everybody can go to Thailand (even the piano teacher of your child) since you may not mind taking them all, given the cheapness of the best holiday packages. When in Thailand, you, however, may not feel the need of all these people! Your milkman won’t quite like to serve you every morning at the crack of dawn, since he is likely to go to bed pretty late (given the lure of Bangkok nightlife)! Your maid is likely to treat herself to a nice spa session and make you feel as if you are the maid and she the mistress (which is pretty much how most Indian homemakers feel anyway)! Your office peon may run you small errands, but you must not rob him of the opportunity of gaping at the bikini-clad foreign girls in the beaches of Pattaya! The gardener, for a change, will be growing saplings of hope and romance in his own internal garden after feasting on the beautiful landscape of Krabi and Phuket! Neither your child nor his piano tutor is likely to conduct any piano session when they are faced with luxuries of the brilliant resorts!

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

It will be a happy vacation for all of them! Just make sure that you are not taking your wife alongside. She is going to shop to such an extent that all the money you saved from the cheap tour packages will be squandered away on those flashy and inviting malls!



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