Dining In The Arabian Desert: An Experience Of A Lifetime

Have you ever dined in a desert? Forget about that- have you even thought of such a possibility? Okay, have you even been to any desert ever?

No na! So, why not take a tour of Dubai, which is a weird destination since it serves you beaches as well as deserts! Now how cool it is! The Arabian Desert lies in the vicinity and it is here that you can have the fun of your life. You can ride a camel and just gape at the long stretch of sand. You can observe the sand dunes (which can shift at a surprising pace if the wind is strong), and you can even spot a mirage (if you are lucky).

Special holiday packages are churned out so that now tourists can have a more enriched experience. So, be prepared to have dinner in camps and small makeshift eateries! The trend is to enjoy meals with the desert as the background and with a folk dance in progress. Some tour operators even arrange international dancers and those delicious-looking belly dancers who will shake their way to your…errr…heart!

So you can dig into local cuisines or the kind of meals which you are used to (Don’t worry, they won’t serve you camel meat)!

There are many fun activities which one can do at those camps or makeshift eateries (whatever you call them). There are tattoo artists who will do a mehandi tattoo on your hands, palms, forearms or anywhere you insist.

People often look for sightseeing places in Dubai for kids. Even though there is the Indoor skiing and the Aquarium and the famed Wild Wadi Park, the Arabian Desert will offer a completely unique and fresh experience. So this is what we recommend!

You can even plan an overnight stay at the place for nominal charges. However, there would be sand everywhere around you. So, if you are a very hygiene conscious person or are allergic to dust, then stay away from this expedition.


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