Chilling At Banana Reef: Dive Under The Ocean To Flirt With Corals And Sharks

Banana Reef has become a global tourist spot and has fallen under the spotlight in the last few years. It is a marine site which is a paradise for the divers and the snorkelers. Maldives, as an island, offers plenty of aqua adventures to the tourists. It is said that if you haven’t gone under the water, then you never actually went to Maldives. The eclectic variety of fishes and marine organisms which linger underneath the surface is one of the reasons why Maldives packages from India are selling at top speed.

Sunset in the Maldives

Photo credit: Wikipedia

India, as a country, had an introvert personality. But with the turn of the century, urbanization has kicked in and the general mindset has changed. Now, the youths and honeymooners are game for extreme sports like parasailing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Maldives is a hot spot destination for trying out all these sports with complete safety and guidance.

Coming back to Banana Reef, it is a protected area which is intensely popular amongst tourists owing to its rocky cliffs and promontories and limpid blue water. The region is also swarmed by fishes of all kinds including the sharks and the groper.

Blue Hole Lighthouse Reef Belize

Banana Reef is situated off North Male Atoll and is easily reachable with the aid of a Maldives tourism guide.

Diving sites are salubrious for diving throughout the year and the depth varies between 5 m and 30 m. You do not need any major experience to go diving at this site. It is a safe snorkeling and diving site at Maldives and also offers you corals, reefs and caves.

So, if you needed another reason why to head to Maldives, then just go through the Google album and find out how people chill at this site.

To tempt you more, let us inform you that once you go diving at Banana Reef, you would get a good personal knowledge of what guys like Scorpion Head, Gray Reef Shark, Napoleon Wrasse and Barracuda look like!


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