A Day Well Spent at the Enthralling Underwater World in Singapore

Tourists look for places that are packed with entertainment, and offer the best at the lowest of cost. Tourism in Singapore is one of the best things that have happened to these tourists.  The stunning weather, pristine natural locales, the bewitching Sentosa Island, stylish rooftop bars, etc all integrate with each other to form a majestic little country called Singapore. The highlight of the country, the Sentosa Island, has enveloped some of the greatest tourist’s attractions of the world. One such attraction is the daunting marine life at the Underwater World.

singapore flyer

Tickets to this gigantic world are readily available, and include admission to the Dolphin Lagoon also. Located below the island’s surface, the underwater planet offers edutainment, educational and environment-based programs and assignments like Living in the Ocean, Coral Club, and Ocean Ambassador. It is not just any ordinary aquarium rather it is an oceanarium. You will enjoy the journey in an 83-meter train-like carriage, that is, a travelator. The travelator transports visitors along the oceanarium by means of a 6mm wide acrylic-window, forming a tunnel. Visitors can see tons of marine species such as moray eels, coral reefs, sharks, rock turtles, sea dragons, and a horde of other marine creatures through this tunnel. An unbelievable total of around 250 species of spectacular marine life is found in the oceanarium.


Witness varied species of dolphins like Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins (pink dolphins) in the Dolphin Lagoon. Also play with them, and watch them perform under a trainer’s supervision. Furthermore, participate in fun adventures like Dive With Dugong, Dive With Sharks, Swim With The Dolphins, etc. you can also check out the Fish Reflexology (Singapore’s first fish spa) underwater for a foot spa.

Switch on your computer, and take down some useful tips from the Singapore tourism guide to make your trip even more exciting and adventurous.

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