Best 5 Places to Explore in Mauritius

Mauritius has emerged as one of the topmost tourist’s destinations in the world. Perched magnificently on the Indian Ocean, this island nation is surrounded by enticing coral reefs on almost every side. The pristine sandy beaches, exotic locales, the tranquility of the enigmatic nightlife, and mesmerizing species of flora and fauna can all be unveiled with a little guidance from the Mauritius tourism information guide.  Visiting this paradise is incomplete if a tourist has not been to:

Grand Baie:  Imagine spending your vacation in a seaside village. The words itself spells magic, and causes butterflies to fly in stomach. Apart from the drop-dead panoramic view, Grand Baie also offers a tantalizing nightlife and great shopping opportunities. Try out the amazing water sports; relax in the arms of nature.

Grand Baie, view from the offshore

Black River Gorges: As opposed to its name, the Black River Gorges is actually a national park that covers a wide area of the island. It is an idyllic place to watch myriad hue of birds and fauna, including some of the rarest ones. It is maintained by the National Parks and Conservation Service, and houses species like Mauritian flying fox, parakeets, and Chinese guava, etc.

Chamarel: This place adds a ‘wow’ factor to the charismatic beauty of Mauritius. If you wish to see or even touch a rainbow, then just head over to the Chamarel village to see the ‘Seven Colored Earth’ with 7 amazingly distinctive colors. Try mixing it with hand, and it will automatically get separated into its original shades of 7! There is also a children’s area nearby for entertainment of kids.

Chamarel Mauritius

La Morne Brabant: This UNESCO World Heritage Site has captured millions of hearts over the years. This marvelous peninsula nestles a solitary basaltic rock, 1821 feet long, that stands carelessly above sea level.

Port Louis Waterfront: What makes this place so special is the delicious spread of mouth-watering multi-cuisine delicacies and duty-free shops.

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