What makes Ooty the favorite summer holiday destination?

Ooty is the Sachin Tendulkar of hill stations. Everyone loves it, irrespective of the age, caste or gender. This South Indian holiday destination is one fabulous place which bridges the geographical divide between the south and the north, making people from as far as Delhi and Rajasthan to fly away into the nature-filled arms of the Nilgiris.

doddabetta ooty

Ooty has, for many, become synonymous with memories, with childhood, with solitude, with nostalgia. You can move around with your family in Ooty (there are countless places to visit in Ooty for family), you can take a hike with friends, you can go for trekking or camping with a bunch of backpackers, and you could simply climb over to the Dodabetta (the highest peak in the region) and stare eye-to-eye at the sinking sun. But when you need some private time out, then Ooty will lend you that solitude which is so hard to find in our metro cities. Ooty shall withdraw itself and leave you amidst your most intimate soliloquies so that you can reflect about life and about olden times.

StStephens Church Ooty

As for the sightseeing attractions, Ooty serves you a dollop of romance with lakes like the Emerald and Ooty Lake. Its tranquil gardens like the Botanic Gardens hold a number of attractions to marvel at. Avalanche Lake is another tourist spot and the good old Stone House can give your cameras some vintage fodder. St. Stephen’s Church has a warm endearing quality about it. It is an old church and its unassuming yet daunting build can hold your hands and take you back to the old era.

Romantic honeymoon packages are churned out by holiday planners keeping in mind the various needs of the tourists. Without having to overspend and without having to hassle yourself, you can go for this trip. It will be a simple promenade to a poetic land; a walk to remember this summer. Indeed!



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