Steering through the Ganga in Rishikesh

Situated in the mountainous state of Uttarakhand in North of India, Rishikesh is a picturesque spot and one of the prime pilgrim sites in the country.  But praying and paying homage to Lord Shiva at the temples is not the only thing to do in this hilly area.

Shiva Idol in Rishikesh on the banks of River Ganga

River Ganga, which flows very calmly at different parts of North and East India, is completely different at Rishikesh. Here the river flows between mountains at both sides and with tremendous force and current which makes Rishikesh a perfect spot for river rafting. Steering through the rocky terrains lying underneath the ‘pistachio’ green water of the Ganga is a horrifying activity that is also very exciting.


Rishikesh rafting is a very popular activity in Northern India and is being performed by hundreds of people who look for adventure tourism opportunities. Steering through strong waves powered by tremendous current could be risky at times but there lies the challenge.

It is a big test for adventure lovers and they need to show perseverance. You can sail out on an adventurous voyage on a small boat, choose from different routes that differ in duration and enjoy indescribable scenic beauty of the surroundings of the river.


There are different Rishikesh rafting packages that you can choose from. If there is a time crunch, opting for a half day rafting package for Brahmapuri-Muni ki Reti would be perfect. It’s an 11 km journey and you can complete it in three hours. The journey starts from Brahmapuri which is at a distance of 20 minutes. After reaching the spot, you need to walk to the river, take a boat and sail on.

If time is not a problem, then you can buy the full day Rishikesh river rafting package and sail out on the Shivpuri-Muni Ke Reti route. It is a 17 km journey and takes three to four hours to complete.  For this trip, you need to reach Shivpuri and start voyage from there. The Shivpuri-Muni-Beti Package is the most popular Rishikesh rafting option.


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