What to bring back from Bangkok: Some popular mementos everyone buys

Bangkok has markets which deserve to be trodden and the city has malls which must be visited. In any case, female travelers are going to visit these places anyhow, no matter what you say! So, a lot of shopping should be on cards. And since Bangkok sells almost everything, you can bring back whatever you want and whatever you like (except for a local Thai girl, of course).

Thai silk is a famous product and those of you who love fabrics should shop for them. It serves as a useful and great memento. Besides, Thai silk is quite cheap and has a remarkable quality.


You can also carry back a suit or a tailored shirt, for that matter. It is the best gift you can bring for a male relative or friend back in India. If you love branded products, then you can hunt down almost every available brand in the swanky retail outlets at Bangkok’s malls. Bangkok holiday packages would put you on a shopping spree, literally. So, bringing back a Gucci watch or a branded bag won’t be a bad idea.

handicrafts of Thailand

You can also opt for handicrafts which are made by poor villagers. You can get them at the Grand Palace, which is one of the biggest attractions of Bangkok.

Then there are some spa products which you may be interested in buying, unless you are a male or one of those weird females who is not interested in beauty products. (By the way, in the process, also indulge in a spa session. It would be a great experience and is not that expensive you know).

You can also buy a figure of laughing Buddha or other similar souvenirs. But if you are picking them up from roadside stalls, then do remember to bargain hard (really hard as if your life depends on it).

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