Mauritius to host the 2014 Russian Golf tournament

Mauritius will be hosting the 2014 Russian Golf tournament somewhere in April-May next year. This may not come as anything thrilling to you if you are not into golf. But it may just give you one more reason to book one of those Mauritius packages from Delhi we have been trying to sell you, but with little success *puppy face*


The decision to host the tournament is being billed as a planned strategy by the tourism department to make the island more visible to businessmen and tourists in countries like Russia and Ukraine. Not that Mauritius needs to rely on such sporting events in order to get cheap publicity. Honestly, everybody in India at least has heard of the exoticness of Mauritius. Secretly, all of us have even fantasized a one-night stand or two with our favorite movie actresses at one of the luxurious villas close at a kissing distance to the sea. But the people in Russia and Ukraine have largely stayed away from Mauritius for reasons best known to them, (I tell you it is their loss more than the loss of Mauritius tourism).


So, this Russian Golf tournament will be played on the green golf courses of the island (which goes on to show that Mauritius has got golf courses of international standards and you may not mind having a go at them with your own golf bats for an amateurish swing).


Hundreds of players and spectators are expected to dribble in to this island when the tournament kicks off. While the tournament may bring more spotlights to Mauritius and give another big boost to its tourism industry, this can also be a great time for you to plan a trip. After all, those who are sports junkies and are eager to combine the pleasures of sightseeing and a live tournament may choose this season to get one of our Mauritius honeymoon packages from Delhi.


So for all those who were asking as to when to visit Mauritius, this April-May season may be the right one for you. However, those who give no damn about golf better head during the upcoming winter season when the ambience will be really electric and the weather extremely soothing.


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