Delhi- Land of Enchanted Fantasies!

Delhi has always been a land of amazing extremes with enchantment flourishing in almost every possible corners. From the narrow galis to the wide and developed lanes, everything over here comes packed with a sheer glimpse of surprise. Standing tall as the capital for both, country and travel, the city holds everything that you might possibly need to loft your traveling fantasies.

There is no paradox that the capital city houses in itself a class apart and rich as well as varied heritage that is backed with astounding monuments, which brags about the glorious past. There is no paradox in saying that once you’re here in this land, you’ll be pampered with the kiss of homecoming every time. No matter if you’re a fond traveler, and avid shopaholic or just a wanderer, you’ll be served with everything that you might have just jot down in your itinerary.

Once you step on the magical land, you would probably like to jog your eyes onto the following destinations of your interest.

Jama Masjid


Starting up the day in a spiritual manner has always been a custom in India. So, why not be the same with your travel plan!

I bet a lime cake, you’ll fall in love with the tranquility and devotional ambience around you as soon as you step in the Mosque premises. Built between the 1644 to 1658 by great Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, the monument stands as the perfect example of ancient Islamic architecture. However, one should take utmost care of putting off the shoes before and also wearing proper attire while making an entry so as to maintain the decorum of the premises.

Chandni Chowk

Chandni chowk

Revive the zeal of being a Delhite in its own nostalgic way! Of course, one cannot afford to miss the shopping carnival that sets live everyday on the lanes of the Old Delhi area, Chandni Chowk. The market in itself, is an example of traditional market forms of the Old Delhi setting that has now become a signature theme of the same overall. All in all, your eyeballs will surely see a glimpse of the lifestyle that otherwise might have been a tale of bygone era anyways.

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is more of an upgrade to the traditional village market altogether in a brand new way. Located at the center of the city, the setting of the place is rich and mesmerizing that one would surely fall in love with. Catering all the handicrafts and food joints in one confined space, Dilli Haat is undoubtedly one stop solution for quenching all your savvy needs pertaining to shopping and obviously, eating.

Wrapping up, Delhi Tour Packages might just be the one of the amazing trip that you might have planned to chalk out. There is simply no repeating that the aroma of this land is unique and differentiated in its own way. Certainly, you’ll end up loving everything that will come around your way.


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