Gold ATMs in Dubai: A golden surprise awaiting you this shopping season

Though the true full form of ATM is ‘Automatic Teller Machine’ (as some of you may be knowing, in case you watch KBC), but there is a vulgar notion amongst many that it is the abbreviation for ‘Any Time Money’. Well, on that count, Dubai should change the name for some of its machines to ATG which should spell out as ‘Any Time Gold’.


Yes, if you are getting ideas after reading that, then we are delighted that you are getting ideas. Coz believe it or not, Dubai has Gold ATMs where you can get gold coins and bars trickling out of the slot space. You just need to feed cash of the existing gold price and in return, you can get gold.

That can be a strong incentive for you to buy our Dubai tourism packages. Not that, the city lacks attractions. There are shopping malls of every size imaginable. Dubai Mall, Ibn Batutah Mall, Mall of the Emirates- you name it, you get it.


Plus, the shopping festival Dubai is about to kick off this January. (2nd January- 2nd February, 2014) and will be a month-long affair of blitzkrieg shopping, eating and merrymaking.

One of the best places to locate such a Gold ATM is the Dubai Mall itself, which also happens to be the one of the topmost attractions of the city. The mall is extremely huge and it is unlikely that you will be able to explore it in just one day. Anyway, look for Galeries Lafayette where this ATM is situated.


Such an ATM has been another master stroke by Dubai tourism which has already got a lot of aces to flaunt. This Gold ATM has not only piqued the interest of foreign tourists and the demand for Dubai tourism packages, but it has also helped shoppers to quickly purchase gold.

Dubai, of course, is like a gold mine and this strategy has worked well in luring potential customers to get home a 24 karat gold coin. Alternately, there are Gold Souks (gold markets) where you can do the purchasing the traditional way.


If you ask us when to visit Dubai, we would say anytime, excepting the sultry days between March and June. The December-February period should be considered ideal for the upcoming season.


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