Top things to do in London

Procrastinating is bad for a backpacker’s health. So, instead of thinking whether you should go or not, or when should you go and on what if the weather turns bad, we would say that you just book your Europe holiday packages and get set for a hip-hop London trip.

London is amongst the most endearing tourist destinations since it mixes up history with present-day attractions in an effortless manner. Here we present the top things to do in London. We are not saying that these are the only best things about this city. There are loads more. Just make sure that you do not skip out on the ones mentioned below:

Visiting the British Museum: A museum may not sound all that exciting to a non-museum type of a person. But believe us, the British Museum is really something special. It has got things you only read about in books and never thought existed in reality. Just like that Rosetta Stone which can singlehandedly spawn an entire novella of history.


Skating: In case you do end up procrastinating and thus postpone your trip to the far end of summer, we would growl and ask you to skip this point. But we are an optimistic bunch and we will happily assume that your trip is going to materialize this winter itself, in which case we would say that you must try ice skating. Some interesting skating spots will be the Tower of London and Hyde Park.

Tower of London

Eye the city from The London Eye: The London Eye is a huge jaw-dropping merry-go-round which used to be the highest of its kind until Singapore Flyer dethroned it. It will offer you an excellent panorama of the city. Plus, the experience will give you the kind of thrills which will make your heart say cuss words to you.


Watch plays: There are some really good theatres in the city and if you love art, then it would be a great idea to up your PQ level. (PQ= Play quotient, you silly)

Other attractions: A few other attractions you must visit include Imperial War Museum, National Gallery and Buckingham Palace. And don’t forget to eat. Eating and eating big is amongst the best things to do in London, says a compulsive foodie.


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