Maldivian Music band and Culture

Maldives, for its round-the-year sunshine and a happy bunch of exotic beach resorts, is leading the list of international honeymoon packages these days. No one can deny the quintessence charm of this island which has leapfrogged some of the traditional favorites like Mauritius. While its lovely luxurious resorts do allow you to get the pleasure of sin, it is also a place where you can take a peep into the culture and get immensely enriched. Your luxury Maldives tour will certainly give you your share of opportunity to sink into the local folk music and modern music.


Maldives is an Islamic region but its culture borrows heavily from Sri Lanka and south India. Hence, the blend of Islamic culture and South Indian culture is there to be seen in almost every aspect of life and art. The music itself is a revelation. One of the most popular forms of music is Boduberu. Its origin can be traced back to as early as the 11th century. Yet, over the years, one must say, it has gone through its fair bit of changes. It is primarily performed by 15 people and involves a lazy start which soon gives way to a heart-racing beat.

Bandiyaa jehun

Then there is the Thaara. This form of music is believed to have an Arabic origin. Hence, you can see that the traditional music forms of Maldives have that cosmopolitan flavor. Add to that the fact that each of them have got influenced by the local culture and have truly developed over the centuries into something unique and indigenous.


There is another great dance form which will remind you instantly of the rustic India. Known as Bandiyaa jehun, this form of dance involves women who waltz happily wearing metallic rings and to the delicious tune of metallic water pots. While it is medieval at its root, the modernists have done their bit to add some current flavors. So, you will find a dash of harmonica and drums here and there.


Luxury Maldives tour is getting more and more popular. There is so much to see and observe in this part of the world. Clearly, these innovative international honeymoon packages are no longer just about underwater restaurants and tropical beaches. There is a new cultural vista waiting to wrap you in its arms.



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