Kite festival of Malaysia

With a Malaysia holiday package this season, you may experience some really out-of-the-world moments. The World Kite Festival of Malaysia is all set to begin on 18th February. The 6-day festival shall be held at Pasir Gudang and is going to lure tourists and photographers in large numbers. Needless to say that this internationally acclaimed kite festival is amongst the top kite festivals on the planet and is a famed annual event. It sees participation from kite designers from around the world and is a glorious ceremony for both the revelers and the kite-makers.


From February 18-23, Malaysia will be under the grip of the kite fever and if you love kite or art in its most colorful form, you should make your presence felt too. Competition and contests will take place no doubt and the prizes to be awarded on 23rd will add the icing on the cake.


You can simply watch in fascination the plethora of kites painting the skies in all colors. You can also run through the numerous shops and stalls where you can either browse or buy (or both) the huge assortment of kites. They can be plain, they can be funky and they can be outrageously whacky. They can take all shapes and sizes and many designers manufacture kites which assume shapes of a popular comic figure or some endearing fictional character.


As for the main festival, it witnesses contestants in hundreds. They are all too eager to showcase their skills. It is also enthralling to note that each contestant brings something new from his/her country. Since the kite designers and the kite-flyers hail from different countries, their kites reflect the various cultures. So, at any point, you will find all these kites floating together in the same sky under the same cloud and creating an interesting dichotomy.


School children too take part in the festival with unrestrained enthusiasm. In addition, workshops are also held. So, if you do not know how to fly a kite or in case you want to improvise on your skills, you can learn a thing or two from these workshops.

Malaysia, with its kites or without them, is nevertheless an absorbing destination. Full of landmarks, restaurants, markets and malls, it finds a place in the best honeymoon packages.


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